Argentina is an incredible country when it comes to wine production. Regarding their wine and grape characteristics, it is something like this: 47% are red wines, led by Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec (Emblematica), Syrah and Bonarda: 30% are rosé wines, 23% are white wines. 

Regarding the characteristics of the grapes, the most important ones are;
Malbec: dark red, blue and violet nuances, very fruity with plum flavors, red fruit jams, sweet tannins, suitable for aging.

Bonarda: Purplish red color, important tannins with hints of leather.
Cabernet Sauvignon: aromas of black pepper, black olive, tobacco, red fruits, blackberries

Syrah: aromas of black fruits, spicy notes, jams. Torrontés: Early ripening, fruity, floral notes, rose bushes. Characteristic acidity and fruitiness.
Chardonnay: aromas of pineapple and apple, ripe banana, aromas of honey, walnut, toast, butter and vanilla with malolactica.