White wine is a drink produced by alcoholic fermentation of different types of white grapes. It can be drunk either alone or with food, and has traditionally been associated with the pairing of fish, shellfish and some white meats.
This exquisite product has been consumed all over the planet for more than 2,500 years.
White wines are characterized by fresh aromas of fruit, flowers, herbaceous, etc. All these characteristics will depend on the variety with which the wine is made. What it should be is a harmonious and pleasant aroma that invites us to have a drink.
We offer you a number of different white wines to be tasted for all tastes and promotional prices such as the exquisite Arnaud Ente 2010 - Meursault Petits, Domaine Jacques Prieur 1996 with higher prices or other cheaper ones of excellent quality such as: Domaine Jean -Louis Chave 2016 or El Terlano 2012 - Vorberg Pinot Bianco.