An amazing region located in the north of Italy, very close to Milan. Piedmont wines have a deserved reputation, especially those that emanate from the Langhe and Roero areas. Although Barbera is the variety that is the most widespread, it is Nebbiolo that is the origin of the great Piedmont wines.
Despite being famous for its red wines, Piedmont also produces large quantities of white wine from the Moscato strain whose wonderful smell of peach and elderflower is found in Asti and Moscato d`Asti wines.
Different varieties of red grapes are grown, such as the previously mentioned Barbera and Dolcetto, as well as the famous Nebbiolo from Barolo and Barbaresco. Grignolino has some supporters and Freisa is a classic option.
Among the white grapes, the Moscato is the best known, although Cortese and Ameis are more trending. The Erbaluce has decreased a little bit, while Chardonnay has increased its production.