About Us

Finding.wine is on online wine store, specializing in high end quality wines and small production gems on the market. Shop rare vintage classics to new producers showcasing unbeatable deals. Finding.wine is your new source for top rated wines, and undiscovered masterpieces. Our goal is to provide an excellent curated selection of exquisite wines at low prices. We strive to bring you delectable wines full of culture, character, and class. That’s why we travel extensively around the world to taste wines from the world’s top producing regions and less known up and coming viticulture areas.

Finding.wine only sells wines we have tasted, enjoyed and believe in fully that the enjoyment will be passed on to our clients. We will never sell a wine we do not love. Wine is a sense of community based on a shared passion, that’s why we establish relationships with winemakers, producers and negotiates internationally, to expand our knowledge and ultimately deepen our passion for wine. Through our community, we can bring you extraordinary wines at remarkable prices. Finding.wine’s purpose is to taste extensively, drink selectively and provide quality.