A city like Vienna has 700 hectares of vineyards. It is the largest wine-growing population in the world. This makes wine have a special role in urban life.
To begin with, remember the name of their queen grape: Grüner Veltliner, this is the most widely planted variety in the whole country and the one that, without a doubt, has given Austrian wines that differential point before the international market.
It is a white variety with high acidity. In young wines, it displays citric and stone fruit notes, and sometimes green pepper notes also appear, with their characteristic slight bitterness.
As for the red grape varieties, Austrian wines stick with this name: Zweigelt, a cross of Blaufränkisch (with great aging potential) and St. Laurent (similar to Pinot noir). As a result, this cross variety delivers wines with a lot of color and soft tannins.