The history of Greek wine dates back to ancient times. Crete as a wine destination offers different varieties of grapes that produce mainly red wines and more rarely white. Crete has produced wine since Minoan times and is known for its red wines, such as those that blend the Kotsifali and Mandilari varieties. Among the best grapes are the Cretan Kotsifali, an old Heraklion vine, and the Mandilariá, a vine not only known in Crete, but also in other islands in the Aegean Sea.
The two most important dominations of origin in Crete are Arhanes and Peza. These protected denominations of origin mainly refer to Kotsifali and Mandilaria grapes (which are used to produce red wines) and Vidiano and Daphne (which are used to produce white Peza wines).
The wines produced by the Crete region are considered 'nervous', tannic, well balanced, with aromas of matured red fruits and high alcohol content.

Crete wines