Besides being a land worth visiting, if Galicia stands out for something, it is for its wines. Galician wines are light and slightly acidic. Among them we find reds and whites from Ribeiro, like the Albariño grape, the whites and reds from Salvatierra, the Albariños from Cambados, the reds from Rubiós or Gomariz and the Treixaduras, made with white Ribeiro grapes.
Currently, in Galicia there are almost 10,000 hectares devoted to wine production, controlled by six denominations of origin, which produce almost 50,000 tons of grapes. The six Designations of Origin in Galicia are: Monterrei, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro, Valdeorras, Viños da Terra.
Galicia is bordered by Portugal, so they share a lot of characteristics in their climates, soils and other conditions. For that reason, is logical to think that their wines have been more influenced by Portuguese wines more than other Spanish wines.

Galicia wines