Menetou-Salon is located in the Cher department, a few kilometers from Bourges in France. Close to Saint-Martin-d'Auxigny, it represents the archetype of “from city to the countryside”, with its pleasant landscape and the quality of the tourist infrastructure.
As a part of the Loire Valley, Menetou-Salon is a French wine region located along the course of the Loire Rive.
Most of the production is dry, semi-dry, sweet and even liquor white wines, made from the Chenin Blanc grape, Sauvignon Blanc and Burgundy melon. But light reds are also made (especially around the Chinon region) with Cabernet Franc. In addition, rosé and sparkling wines are produced. The wines of this region, in general, tend to exhibit a fruity character with fresh flavors, especially when they’re young.

Menetou-Salon wines