If you’re someone who knows a bit about wines and been around this world for a while, chances that you’ve heard about Hungarian Wines are kind of high, in fact, most wine connoisseurs when hear “Hungarian Wines” think about Tokaji, since it is the most popular type of wine produced in this country. Tokaji wines are produced in the region of Tokaj, Hungary.
Hungarian wines are known for their originality, their national identity and their historical heritage from the Austro-Hungarian empire. However, during the Dominate, Hungary used to make their own wines. Even though the years have passed, the Hungarian essence is still present in their wines. Tokaji wines began growing in popularity during the XII century.
Today tokaji is still a symbol of Hungarian wines, but we must not forget other great wines from Hungary such as: Eger, Székszárd, Badácsony, Villány and others.