Sparkling wines are fresh, fun and… sparkling! A characteristic that is achieved thanks to a second fermentation, in a closed bottle or in closed tanks. The CO2 that is produced in this second fermentation dissolves in the liquid, thus forming those famous bubbles that constantly emerge!
We tend to associate sparkling wines with celebrations. But more and more sparkling wines are making their way into more areas. And they do it because of their versatility when it comes to pairing and because of the wide diversity of presentations available.
That’s the reason why sparkling wines have increased their production around the world, not only by growing more grapes, but also by producing more types of sparkling wines. Spain has Cavas, France has the Champagne, Crémant, Saumur and Vouvray. Italy has the Prosecco, Lambrusco and the Asti Spumante. Not to mention other countries…
On our Sparkling Wines section, you won’t find only champagne varieties, but also all of these aforementioned wines and more!