From what started as a garage wine in Camboados, Galicia,  husband and wife team Alberto Nanclares and Silvia Prieto are crafting some of the most noteworthy ocean-infused, age-worthy single vineyard Albariños, and remarkable reds today. Alberto currently tends to 2.5 hectares of vine, succeeding in fully organic and biodynamics farming, rare in this area due to the humid Atlantic-influence.  Here he focuses on "quality over quantity" by choosing to keep yields down to 4,000 to 7,000 Kg per hectare instead of the somehow abusive 12,000 Kg that the DO Rías Baixas permits.  Alberto uses seaweed from the nearby ocean for compost and does not plow to keep the surrounding flora and fauna in their natural habitat. With great respect for the grapes, there are no winemaking additions besides the occasional S02. All fermented with wild yeast, malolactic fermentation rarely occurs, and wines spend a fair amount of time (usually more than one year) on their lees before being bottled without clarification or filtration.

Nanclares wines