Portugal is the sixth largest wine producer in the world and a country of great contrasts. Few are the small countries that can boast of such a diversity of wines. Apart from the famous Ports and Madeira, Portugal produces a very wide range of wines.
In Portuguese wines we can find a huge variety of grapes, about 250, many of them indigenous, which allow this country to achieve a unique and differentiated character among the world wine producers. The role played by the topography of this country is essential. From north to south, the vineyards are omnipresent, except for the highest mountains with climates unsuitable for viticulture.
Portugal, as you may guess by now, has a lot of winemaking regions, where an almost infinite variety of wines can be found. Some of these regions are: Vinho verde, Douro, Lisboa, Algarve, Porto, Dao, Bairrada and others.