Rheinhessen is the largest wine-growing region on the Rhine in Germany, The secret of the grapes in this region is due to its climate. The temperature which the vineyards are exposed to are a little higher than the average for the rest of the country, and this favors the ripening of the grapes and the generation of natural sugars, useful for fermentation.
Rheinhessen consists of at least 26,300 ha of vineyard area. Approximately 2/3 of the viticultural surface belongs to white wine varieties. The Rieslings on the Rhine and the hilly terrain are really coveted all over the world. The Silvaner grape is also giving a lot to talk about among wine lovers.
The area dedicated to reds has doubled its size in the last ten years. The Dornfelder variety is number 1, and famous grapes such as Spätburgunder or discoveries such as the Portugieser also help to produce excellent wines.