The vineyard of the Rhone Valley is a French wine region that stretches from Vienne to Arles. It is divided into two regions: Northern Rhone, (from Vienne to Valence), Southern Rhone (from Montélimar to Arles). The grape varieties are Red: Syrah; Garnacha; Monastrell; Cinsault; Carignan. And for whites the Rhone Valley got: The Marsanne; Roussanne; Viognier; Grenache Blanc; Clairette; Muscat.

The wines are elegant, difficult to find and suitable for aging. Reds have a dark garnet color and its bouquet is delicate and fine, with a dominant aroma of raspberry and spices, with a little touch of violet. They are highly structured, tannic wines that leave a long memory on the palate.
The vineyards usually have two orientations: those oriented to the southeast and those oriented to the south; The latter, due to their sunny exposure and maturity, produce the first vintage of red wines in the entire area.