A wine for beach or pool day: Summer wines

A wine for beach or pool day: Summer wines

As summer approaches, it is a feeling that has reached the streets and the countryside. It’s that time of the year characterized by the heat, for being the time chosen by many of us to enjoy vacations: pool days, beach, parties, and meetings without having to worry about work or study.

In addition, to relax and dedicate ourselves some quality time accompanied with those warm but pleasant weather, these days are usually complemented with laziness, endless aperitifs, lunches, and dinners. Drinking wine at these times is a perfect idea. It is not saturating, it is elegant, it stimulates conversation and it can be a perfect gift.

Wine is one of the most diverse and exciting beverages around the world. Everyone knows that a good bottle of wine is never a bad choice.

What to choose? White? Red? Perhaps a rosé?

The question is always the same: What wine should we choose? What should we pair it with? When the sun is shining and the heat is on, nobody feels like drinking something that makes you sweat and gives you more energy. Much less if you're enjoying a perfect day at the beach or an afternoon by the pool.

With the classics, you can't go wrong. Rosés are, for the most part, the most sought-after wine for summer. Almost always light and invigorating, they are the perfect balance of citrus and sweet, making them the perfect drink for a visit beyond the beach. However, people tend to underestimate how good reds are for a beach day, we at finding.wine, encourage you to buy a couple of red bottles next time you plan for a beach trip.

A white shining like the sun!

White wine is an outstanding option when eating seafood dishes. The good news is that fish come in thousands of preparations and types, so, when it comes to eating seafood and white wine, it’s hard to make a bad pairing.

White wines are ideal for drinking at lower temperatures, around 46°F, these elegant wines are a great choice to keep yourself fresh on a hot day. If you let us share a pro tip with you, then make sure to pair immature white wines with seafood. On a beach day, you’ll love how a good pair they make.

Bubbles, lots of bubbles

Sparkling wines are one of the most curious options for people. It becomes visual from the moment we see those bubbles rising. This wine is not suited for beach trips or pool days, however, in the wine world, there are no written rules, paired with typical beach dishes, such as fish and squid, which is not a terrible idea.

What about reds?

Well, as we told you some lines behind, reds are wonderful for these occasions! If you belong to the percentage of wine lovers who have not renounced traditional red wines, and you prefer these softer tannins, then a red bottle for refreshing yourself after some sun tanning at the seashore would make you go from 100 to 200! 

A personal recommendation directly from our team of experts is to reserve a spot for Pinot Noir bottles for these situations since they are usually softer, viscous, and light, ideal for drinking on the beach or by the pool. For very hot days, the most recommendable are the unripe reds, which can be drunk even colder and will still taste amazing.

A wine for every occasion

There are wines for all kinds of situations. During warmer temperatures, it is ideal to focus on lighter wines. For beach days, wine can be a better option than traditional beer. In addition to being equally stimulating, wine is a lighter drink and easier to enjoy.

It doesn’t matter the temperature or place we are, there will always be a wine to accompany the moment. There are options for each season, for every place, and for any type of dish or location we are.

Wherever you are, good wines will always hold your back. 

What about cold wines?

If a wine is chilly, perhaps we won’t perceive much of its flavor. The advantage of cold is that it helps to soften the acidity in whites, so they are served slightly cold, helping to soften this acidity a little, but without covering the fruity flavor.

Although it is not a common custom, cold wines can be the ideal companion as if they were water, since they are refreshing and not filling like beer. On hot days, rosés, whites, and sweet wines can be enjoyed unhurriedly, in addition to allowing an excellent pairing with appetizers, seafood, and even pork.

How to choose the ideal wine for these occasions?

To choose the perfect labels, look for fine wines that go well with appetizers.

These are wines that can be drunk on their own, not necessarily with food. They are light and stimulating, with balanced acidity, to the point that they do not stand out from other rudimentary wines.  Since the acidity of a wine is what makes our mouths open, drinking acidic wine without a supplement may not be a complete experience.

Culinary wines, on the other hand, are wines that pair very well with a variety of foods, such as fried foods, meat, and seafood. They have a lot of acidities, and sometimes actually a bit of bitterness at the finish, they clear the palate between mouthfuls.

Wine recommendations to take to the beach or the pool

Young Wines

As for young wines, a good suggestion would be the Bodegas Mauro - 2017 - Terreus. This is a single varietal Tempranillo aged for only six months in American oak barrels.


It can be a good choice for those long-table stews, where almost everything is shared, except the plate, the bread, and the cutlery. It is fresh and elegant. Excellent choice with any type of meat and grilled potatoes. Also with beans and purees in general. Perfect with fish and seafood, rice dishes, and all kinds of pasta.


Rosé wine, a favorite for the sea and sun.


If we come by the Rioja Alavesa and taste the Sierra Cantabria 2018 Rosé, we’d be sure to put a few bottles in the fridge. A single varietal Tempranillo turns into a clean, fresh, and bright wine. With a pretty salmon pink color and raspberry hue, it is intense, balanced, and fruity. It is perfect to drink on its own and to accompany almost everything.


Sparkling wines: The bet that never fails


Let’s say you spent a wonderful day at the pool or the beach, and now you’re in your cozy hotel room, cabin, etc. Why not end the day with a glass of sparkling and refreshing wine? A good option for this is the Lunaria 2021 Orsogna 'Ramoro' Ancestrale Pinot Grigio. Made from Pinot Grigio varieties, it is clean, bright, intense, complex, with good structure, and persistent.


Grilled vegetables along with dried fruits are the perfect companions. Subtly toasted hazelnuts or almonds just out of the pan are marvelous for our mouth and nose.



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