How to make the best romantic dinner ever with the perfect wine?

How to make the best romantic dinner ever with the perfect wine?

To celebrate love, you have to do it with some bubbles of champagne, with some lovely rosé or any sweet white wine. Whatever the choice, we are sure that these wines will make anyone fall in love with their colors, fresh and aromatic notes, and great taste in the mouth.

Wines are never lacking: A romantic dinner requires a suitable space, whether it is a restaurant or a well-appointed dining room, delicious food and wine that connects everything, igniting the senses, and inviting you to enjoy love and company.

Between infinite kinds of wines, how can we know which is the one that suits best a romantic dinner? This may sound like a tricky question for someone completely new to wine (especially on a first date), but there are a few basics that everyone can follow to get on the road to the perfect wine for dinner.

Wine for an ideal romantic dinner

When it comes to romantic dinners, whether indoors or outdoors, red wine is considered the ideal companion. Although some prefer champagnes, we believe that it has a sense of celebration so it can be used for specific celebrations such as an anniversary, engagement dinner or something similar.

However, when it comes to a romantic dinner, whether in a restaurant or in private, red wine gives that flavor that fits the dinner and adds a sensual touch to the meeting, being perfect to get the blood flowing and establish the necessary atmosphere to create a romantic evening with that special person.

Red wine is made from grape varieties with a darker hue and its color can range from purple to a little browner for those older wines. In total there are 50 different types of red wine, so it can be a bit difficult to choose between the thousands of options available.

Characteristics of red wines and the most suitable for a romantic dinner

The following are the most common and those that fit ideally with a romantic dinner. But, if you want to look like an expert, you need to discover all the varieties and explore them beforehand.

Of course, it is not only about the variety but about the brand of wine and the bottles that we can get. Here the panorama is very broad and it is about trying new options until you find the perfect one, however, that doesn’t stop you from taking suggestions from experts. Today we’re going to share these suggestions directly from our experts' team at


Possibly the most common variety, not that hard to find dozens of options, depending on where you’re looking. It is made from the grapes used for Bordeaux wine. It tends to have a smooth, elegant flavor with plenty of body and is quite flexible when it comes to mixing with food. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon wines, along with Merlot, are also among the most common varieties. These wines have many similarities to Merlot but they’re a little softer, which makes them a perfect fit with red meat, although they can also be enjoyed as a dessert wine. It usually has a good body and a very specific flavor that only changes in Australia where it takes on shades of menthol or eucalyptus due to this country’s terroir.

Pinot Noir

It is a very original option when you want the dinner to be unique and unforgettable. This one is not that easy to find, but if you do, you will certainly surprise your date. The grape from which it is made is usually associated with the Burgundy region of France, known for its wines. Its color is lighter, its body is medium and it usually has aromas of cherries and strawberries that make it ideal for a romantic dinner.


Another variety to surprise on your date. In Syrah grapes, you can find tones of spices such as anise, licorice, and softer fruits that arise from a grape sourced from two grapes from the south of France.

Sparkling wines to celebrate a special occasion

Their acidity allows them to combine well with all kinds of flavors and create interesting combinations. They can also be the drink par excellence for many people. It is an excellent alternative, no matter where we are. We can enjoy it by doing different activities, such as:

  • Chilling on the couch watching series, movies, documentaries, you name it!
  • Sparkling wine shines on a special occasion, such as a graduation, promotion, etc.
  • Sparkling wines to enjoy at a romantic dinner

It is not uncommon to hear many people admit that they like sparkling wine. This can come from many different places. For some people, it's that sensation of a fruity wine that tastes great. For others, it's the natural bubbling carbonation that brings people together.

Sparkling wines can add a lot of flavor to any occasion. It can be an amazing way to celebrate when you have a special occasion, so keep them in mind if you’re about to celebrate an anniversary or something like that.

Rosé wines to fall in love with

Pink is versatile and adapts to all occasions and all kinds of meals, therefore, also to a romantic dinner. It can be enjoyed with a festive dinner or an informal barbecue in the garden. Rosé wine pairs well with many savory foods, especially grilled meats.

If you like all kinds of wines, you will love rosé wines. They pair well with many different foods, like cheese, fruit, vegetables, and pasta, being extremely versatile in that sense. Rosé wine is usually a bit cheaper than other types of wine.

Rosé wine is also low in calories and cholesterol and is a great option for people who are not well adapted to drinking alcoholic beverages. Rosé wine comes in a variety of flavors and color tones, so there's something to match every mood.

White wines for a romantic dinner

Without a doubt, white wine is another very good option for a romantic evening and dinner, here we give you some reasons why you should choose a white wine for a romantic dinner.

First of all, when we talk about white wines, we are talking about whites that come from colder regions of the world (Spain, Italy, etc.) and therefore are also a bit more elegant and fresh, since within climates we can find crisp whites.

Of course, here you also have endless whites to choose from, but depending on what you want to drink with the meal and its flavor, we suggest a bottle of Peter Michael 2019 Belle Cote Chardonnay, it is a good option, for that romantic dinner.


Finally, it is necessary to point out that when selecting a wine for an occasion such as a romantic dinner, it is necessary to let the personal tastes of the couple flow together.

Be sure that if you choose with love and detail, it will almost always be the best for your companion, and you, of course. This encourages rapport in the couple, letting out the main personality traits at that moment.

At the wine store, we always have the best sales and advice to help you make your selection. So, if you want to make your next romantic dinner an unforgettable experience, then make sure to order from us!

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