Top 5 budget-friendly wines you cannot miss

Top 5 budget-friendly wines you cannot miss

We are used to paying good amounts for a bottle of wine and we tend to underestimate the alternatives of cheap wines considering them to be of poor quality. Today you will know 5 options that are worth it, are suitable for all occasions, and are a good alternative to take care of your pocket without neglecting the quality and taste of good wine.

Wine lovers are constantly looking for the best options for every occasion. The truth is that we are used to associating quality wines with exuberant presentations, and there are certainly other good variants.

Is it true that quality wines can be found at low prices?

Given the wide range of prices, experts say that a higher price is not always better; these wines offer a good experience. While there are some high-priced bottles of wine, there are some low-cost ones that also have very good characteristics on the nose and palate and can be more enjoyable for those who are starting their winery or learning about this product.

The vast majority of wines priced under $60 are young wines, which means that they have had a relatively short winemaking process and want to express the soil and climatic conditions in which the grapes are grown.

The quality of the wine, according to the specialists, does not depend on its price, but on the production and the way it is made. For example, there are times when winemakers do some processes out of time and add other elements to fix the acidity. All these are characteristics that influence and make the wine to be well made or not. The elaboration of wines in general and the care taken by each producer have a great influence on the final quality of the wine, even if they do not belong to the $200 mark (or even more).

What aspects must be taken into account when buying one of these wines?

Well, the price is the first one, of course, it’s probably the first thing we see after the bottle. And the last, and most important, is to be bold enough and not be afraid to try (even if you don’t end up liking certain wine. Trying different ones will help you mature your palate, and understand it, so you’ll improve your election criteria in future purchases.

The following list is full of great wines. But if you want to start your career as a wine lover, you have to know that, sooner or later, you will have to make a major investment to get wines that are interesting on an international scale.

How can I buy a budget-friendly wine that is of quality?

Buying a quality, inexpensive bottle of wine can be a seemingly complex task. However, if you systematically follow some tips, it is possible to do it without so much effort, you just have to be careful and observant when choosing the wine and making the purchase.

If you are not careful, you run the risk of wasting your money by buying an economic wine, yes, but of lousy quality. Here are some tips that, if well applied, will be of great help for your final objective.

Tips to make sure the wine is in good condition

  • Make sure the bottle is well sealed. The best and most reliable bottles of cheap wine are those that are already sealed. This means that you can be sure that no gas has leaked out that could damage the wine and that there is no chance of the chemicals in the wine leaving a bad taste in your mouth. It is also safer to drink a sealed wine, as it will not be accidentally opened during the journey.
  • Check the expiry date on the bottle label. If the wine is properly sealed in a bottle, you can be sure that the wine will not be opened soon, but you should also check the expiry date. Although most wines will keep for at least two years, the date printed on the bottle will be the last day the wine can be legally sold or consumed.
  • Buy cheap wine in a reliable and recognized shop. Preferably a shop specialized only in wines, this is a security index that will give you enough confidence to know that the wine is of legal provenance and perfectly suitable for consumption. will provide you with this and even more.

Here is a selection of wines that we recommend you take into account when looking for quality and affordable wines.

Chateau Gruaud-Larose 2017 Sarget de Gruaud-Larose



This is the flagship red wine of the 6ème Cru Classé estate. It is a blend of 90% Riesling and 10% Pinot Gris. Like all Gruaud-Larose wines, Sarget is fermented in oak barrels for 12 months. The wine shows some sweetness as if it could benefit from an addition of sugar, but the fruit shows through with precision.

Albert Boxler 2018 Riesling

Some labels make your palate go crazy with their big, beautiful reds, like this red bottle from Chasselas, Northern Rhône, named after Albert Boxler. Like all Boxler wines, it is made from the vintage harvested after the minimum required, which means freshness and great acidity are guaranteed.

Reds from the Alsace region tend to be more expensive than their green German counterparts, but the Burgundy specialist has produced a low-yield blend of Riesling and Pinot Noir at a good price, which it bottles as brut négociant in 43cl and 55cl bottles. There is a large percentage of Pinot Noir (65%) and low-yield Riesling (35%) in the blend, resulting in a distinctive Burgundian style, with almost no flavor and just a touch of acidity.

Favia Wines 2018 Carbone Chardonnay

This is another Alsatian white from Favia Wines that has a very appetizing aroma. The name Carbone refers to a long maceration process in the barrel before blending. Carbone Chardonnay is a blend of Chardonnay (61%), Pinot Gris (6%), and Gewürztraminer (6%). It is an aromatic white with lots of lemony notes, a marked balance of acidity and spice, with hints of pear and peach. The wine is produced in an oenological cellar in the town of Albersweiler. 

Figuiere 2021 Mediterranee Rose

This is a very elegant Mediterranean rosé from a large producer. It is made from the first vintage, only four months old, and aged in stainless steel tanks for 18 months. It has a complex bouquet of rose petals, strawberries, rose petals, honeysuckle, red fruits, and spices. It has plenty of acidity and tannins, which complement the fruit. It has a lovely silky texture and very fresh acidity. The wine comes from an old-vine Grenache variety, with a blend of Syrah and Mourvèdre.

Sōtō Sake NV Junmai

In Japan, the Sōtō region is famous for shochu, which is produced from rice. They have also experimented with wine, and the result is Junmai Daiginjo, which is bottled as a white sake. Sōtō and Tokaji are the two major Riesling regions, so this wine will give you a taste of both. It has a distinct taste of fresh citrus and effervescence. It is made from 100%

Tuscan Trebbiano, is an old-vine grape variety from the Friuli region of northern Italy. It is unfiltered, so the wine shows its true character. The smooth finish comes from Sōtō's high-quality washi paper, which is a paper with natural phenolic oils. The bottle is also labeled with Natto, a fermented soy product, which is traditionally served with sake.

Final recommendations

Enjoy this great selection of good quality and very affordable wines for everyone, try them and you will agree with us. We remind you that, when looking for wines, there are thousands of wines available at the online wine shop of your preference,, where you can order anywhere, anytime, any wine you want!

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