Best California Cabernet Sauvignons Under $100

Best California Cabernet Sauvignons Under $100

Cabernet Sauvignon FaustCalifornia Cabernet Sauvignons can get quite expensive fairly quickly. Even so, higher prices won't guarantee that you'll like a pricey bottle that was produced in California any more than you'll like a reliable standby twenty-dollar wine. Tastes can vary, and sometimes red cherry undercurrents evade the price points. 

We want to help you find good wine with reasonable price tags. You could choose Cabernet Sauvignon bottles that are among some of the better California wines. Many of them are worth the price.

We put together a shortlist of our California Cabernet recommendations. They're truly consistent, quality-driven, and just plain great wines from Napa and Sonoma Valley experts. These winemakers know exactly what makes a fantastic bottle that you'll remember long after meals. They are numbered among the best Cabernet Sauvignon under $100 from California.

Faust 2016 - Faust Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml.

Who doesn’t enjoy a Faustian bargain? The man-made a deal with the Devil for pleasure, only to redeem himself at the end of his life and enter heaven. This blend is full-bodied and good for special occasions, especially when you want to muse on the pleasures of life and redemption through red wine.

Open your mouth to a rush of dark chocolate, blueberries, blackberries, and dried herbs. This wine is meant to rest on the tongue heavily. Goes well with the end of a rich, meaty meal. 

Founder Agustin Heneeus has been growing wine for several decades, on the international frontier. He reveres the Faust grape and views it as the literal fruit of his labors. Heneeus wanted to fulfill a vocation to tame vineyards and to master a wine that delivers the utmost pleasure. For that reason, he runs several winery projects within Napa Valley.  

Matthiasson 2014 - Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml.

Savor a blend of mulberry and plum infusions. This wine serves to provide a fresh lilt on the tongue and to remind people of fruits recently plucked off the vine. It rests lightly and leaves an aromatic aftertaste.

The Matthiasson family has worked as a team to bottle this vintage. This particular grape reflects their values: balance, restraint, and respect. The family personally cultivates the vineyards and stays involved with every step of the process. 

Rodney Strong 2014 - Rockaway 750 ml.

When you want medium tannins and an oaky flavor, this wine is for you. A concentrated taste of berries and chocolate will hit the mouth. Savor on its own, or as an after-dinner finale to a satisfying meal. 

Rod Strong, Rick Strong, and the Klein family have collaborated to deliver this wine to your doorstep. They have cultivated grapes in Sonoma County for decades, receiving awards for Single Vineyard and Reserve Wines. 

Pahlmeyer 2016 - Jayson Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml.

Do you prefer vanilla and licorice flavors melded with your wine? This Cabernet may be the right fit for you. Other flavors will hit the tongue, and coat your mouth with a densely packed mouthful. A perfect palate cleanser between a mildly flavored entree and dessert.

Jayson Pahlmeyer started his career not in wine but in law. He was a trial attorney who decided to leave the excitement of courts to find the perfect grapes to grow, distill and stopper in glass bottles. After a stint in France and consulting with scientists at the University of Bordeaux, he found the grapes that he needed. 

Caymus Vineyards 2017 - Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml.

Taste sweet grapes in this blend, and allow cacao tannins to settle in your stomach. This wine is bright red and requires mindfulness to explore all of the complex flavors buried beneath the surface. Goes well with lighter fish and poultry.

The Wagners started the refinery as a business in 1972, deciding to enter winemaking as a family. They have since tilled 350 acres and have maintained one hundred percent ownership. If you want a wine that tastes like family, their bottles are for you. 

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