Best place to buy cheap wine

Best place to buy cheap wine

Finding a bottle of wine that is inexpensive but has a good taste and quality may be a tough task, unless you know what and where to look for. While it may be tempting to look for the cheapest bottle on the shelf, the one that has over its box “SALE” or the one in that online wine store. You can end up with cheap, mass-produced wine that not only tastes terrible, but also often contains additives.

So whether you're looking for a cheap quality red wine or a delicious and affordable white wine, here are some helpful tips on how to spot a good cheap bottle of wine. Discover our top wine under $20 

Take the risk buying wine from cheaper regions

If you're mostly looking at some of the most coveted wine regions, like California's Napa Valley or Bordeaux, France, you'll usually come across more expensive bottles. Consider expanding your horizons beyond the most popular regions and you will be bound to discover some incredible wines for less money. The key is always to look for quality and value, although there are some challenges to that. Take into account that if you open your mind to new wines, you’ll also gain knowledge about them as well as refine your taste. Discover our top wine under $20 

Give a chance to lesser famous regions 

You can find great, cheap wines from regions that aren't as important as big-name ones, plus you're most likely to impress everyone at your next dinner party with your extensive knowledge of wine. It may take a bit of time and investigation to familiarize yourself with the alternatives, but if you manage to do it, you’ll be a good wine connoisseur.

In France, look for wines from the Loire Valley or the Languedoc. There are some great value ones that come from Spain, Chile, New Zealand - they all have some good value wines and the quality is incredible. You can find some exquisite pinot noirs for $ 32. Discover our top wine under $20 

Know what location to look for on the label

It can also be confusing when it comes to determining where the grapes were actually grown rather than where the wine was produced. It’s recommended to identify where the grapes were grown, rather than where the winery is located, because on the back label, it could say the winery is in Sonoma, but on the front, it could say 'California’, which means the grapes could come from different parts of the state. Discover our top wine under $20 

Get out of your comfort zone

If you have a favorite grape variety, such as Merlot, Chardonnay, or Cabernet Sauvignon, look for the regions where those grapes are grown, since the wines are not that expensive if made in the same regions where the grapes are also grown. If you want Cabernet, stay away from Napa and probably look for Cabernets from Italy, Chile, Australia, Santa Barbara. Discover our top wine under $20 

Get to know the perfect production areas for your favorite wines       

Knowing the growing conditions and perfect regions for the grape varieties you prefer will help you find wines from areas that may be underrated and less expensive, but are still high-growth regions for that variety, in this way we can get the best place to buy cheap wines. In coastal regions, you can get a great Mediterranean climate, great winds, granite soils, and the proximity to the ocean means it's the perfect climate for grapes like chardonnay and pinot noir. Discover our top wine under $20 

Look for less expensive labels from notable producers

Often times, the largest winemakers offer products with an extensive price range, which means that you can usually find a great affordable option from a producer known in the wine society as a good producer.

“So even when making cheap wine, it still falls under the same practices and treatments as their high-end wines," as recommended by some wine specialists. "So for example the Adelsheim Vineyard - 2017 -" Staking Claim "Chardonnay is only $ 35 and it has excellent tropical fruits and citrus notes; it is fresh, it has a wonderful acidity; it is delicious and incredibly good for that price; according to a regular customer of the excellent online wine store, finding.wineDiscover our top wine under $20 

Know the value of different types of wine

If you know well your taste on wines, let's say for example, a pinot noir, and you drink it a lot, you obviously get familiar with prices around this type of wine. Let’s suppose you saw a lot of wines for $ 30 to $ 50, and then you see one for $ 12, you may hesitate about the quality on this one. But, what happens if you see one for $ 100, you’ll think, “Hey, I know I can get a better price than that.” It is recommended then, to know price ranges for different varieties, as they can vary depending on what you are looking for. Discover our top wine under $20 

A value pinot noir could be a $ 75 pinot noir, while a value cabernet could be $ 20. It is all in proportion to what the grape is and where they come from.

Buy in places or sites where the staff know what is selling

While convenience often determines where we buy a bottle of wine when we are in race with time to go to a dinner or a meeting, if you have time to go to a wine store - or at least a liquor store of quality - you will have a better chance of getting a good wine for a good price.

Going to a wine shop is recommended, someplace where there is a dedicated staff who have at least little knowledge about wines. When you go to a supermarket or a multi-department store, you need to know what you are looking for. But if you go into a store dedicated only to the sale of liquors, there must be personnel who know these wines and it would be a good indicator if there is someone who can guide you if you describe what you’re looking for and within your budget. Discover our top wine under $20 

Buy from an online wine store

Ordering wine online is one of the best options to really good prices, as well as quality wines. Since an online wine shop reduces several costs in its sales logistics, it’s possible to get better prices, cheaper than in traditional physical wine stores. Discover our top wine under $20 

You may not always find somewhere that has personnel with knowledge on wines, for that reason, consider a website to help you navigate where the cheap quality stuff is. In that sense, the online wine store is the best alternative you can find online. Discover our top wine under $20 

Be careful with the sale shelf

While shelves, sections, and bins offer discounted products and can often be a great place to get some good deals on other types purchases, when it comes to wine, it could be a little risky finding a good bottle of wine. "Avoid the bargain unless you can ask some wine expert what those wines are like," advise most wine specialists. Discover our top wine under $20 

Is cheap champagne possible?

There is a premise among wine connoisseurs that says: "You won’t find cheap champagne" warn some experts "There are two ways to make sparkling wine - the Champagne method in which the second fermentation takes place in the bottle, and that’s something that it’s more time consuming and hence, expensive. So, no matter where the champagne comes from, either is from California to Italy or Chile or not, if they’re making wine with the secondary fermentation process in the bottle, we will not find it cheap. "

With these recommendations and tips that we left here, we hope you can get a wine that is cheap for your pocket while meeting the minimum expected quality standards.

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