Best Summer Wines 2019

Best Summer Wines 2019
Fresh Wines Pliny the Elder, born 23 A.D. Roman author, a naturalist and natural philosopher, naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire must have realized how important wine is to human enjoyment. In 2019, oenophiles and many individuals know the language of fine wines and, in particular, summer wines. Pliny said, In Vino Veritas - In Wine There is Truth.

As a British author, Virginia Wolff so aptly stated, "Language is wine upon the lips." The language of summer wines is a drawing card for wine lovers everywhere. Some wine lovers prefer it slightly chilled to lower body temperatures in warm weather.

Wine color also plays a role in seasonal wine choices. For example, in summer more wine lovers choose white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Dominio del Aguila _ 2014 - Pícaro del Águila Clarete, red wines and red berry wines like Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Top Summer Wines 2019 Offers

Before you choose perfect wines for summer enjoyment, it is important to understand the basic differences between summer and other seasonal wines. Perhaps, it is likely it is an individual desire for lighter-bodied wines in summer and heavier bodied wines in winter.

Champagne will always elevate the occasion to provide a refreshing drink, with bubbles that go with any meal and lift the spirits. Sparkling wines and Pinot Noir are two other top wines to drink in summer or in any season.

Summer Wines to Add to Wine Collections

One of the best ways to enjoy summer wines as additions to wine collections is through membership in a wine club. Wine clubs hold events where members can wine taste from the club's suggested list of best summer wines as well as discuss personal favorites with fellow members online or off. Another benefit of membership in a wine club is that the best wine prices are offered to members.

Wine Characteristics

There are several wine characteristics to keep in mind when purchasing top wines for summer 2019. These include:

  • Wine tartness or "acidity"
  • Alcohol level
  • Wine region
  • Type of grape from which the wine was made
  • Wine age or year of bottling
  • Wine quality
  • Wine pairings with food

In addition to aroma, body, and flavor, wine lovers prefer the highest quality wines. Highest quality wines cost more, but when it comes to wine enjoyment, there is no price tag. Wine prices for the best wines for summer depend on types of wine, scarcity or availability, brand, and region from which the wine originates.

Summer Wines and Summer Foods

When temperatures rise, food menus portend a trend toward lighter meals. With fish menus, white wines are ideal. Barbecued meats are best with red wines. Grilled chicken or pork is enhanced by white wines. When you roast some lamb or boil lobster for the outdoors, pair with sparkling champagne or prosecco. For summer desserts, choose a rose or sparkling wine to balance dessert sweetness.

For a wine and cheese soiree, select several different types of wine that pair well with varieties of cheeses offered. For example, you will want a Pinot Noir with sharp Cheddar and Gruyere. Sauvignon Blanc marries well with Monterrey Jack and French Goat cheeses. For balance, choose a sweet Rose for peppery cheeses. Champagne can also match brie, camembert, or Wisconsin Colby if you want to live dangerously. 

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