Best wine to give away

Best wine to give away

Giving a gift is always a pretty hard decision. In these cases, we have absolutely no clue on where to start, what will they like? Won’t it be a second present of the same kind? to clear all doubts, I invite you to appeal to something classic. Therefore, we offer you a selection of the best wines to give away. I guess if you’re here on  it’s because you have at least a little interest in these beverages. Let’s talk about some offers.

Choosing between several wines is a difficult matter, and this difficulty increases when we are planning to give a wine as a gift, either is for a really special person or simply for a family member or friend, who celebrates a personal event, such as birthdays, weddings or just to enjoy and share with those friends that are really valuable to you.

With all the different types and names. Most of us are not familiar with grape wines, which are the most common types. Other wines include fruit wines, which are basically the same thing: fruit juices that are allowed to ferment and age. The results of these various combinations and processes produce an astonishing variety of wines to choose from. That being said, how can you choose the best wine for a gift?

Tips to select the best wine to give away.

  • First, you must take into account the preferences of the person to whom you want to gift the wine bottle. Some wines are sweet, others more acidic. Some are dark and flavorful, while others are light and refreshing. These qualities are related to the type of grape used, the soil where they were grown, the specific characteristics of fermentation and ripening, and many other factors.
  • As a second recommendation; Take a moment or two to consider what kind of wine that person who is to be the subject of that splendid gift would like to drink. Often, would you pair wine with some kind of food? so try reading expert advice on food and wine pairings. An example would be white wine with fish, red wine for meats, among other alternatives that may be the preference of that person who you are going to give the bottle of wine as a gift.
  • Ask for advices and take note from your closest friends’ gifts. This can be particularly recommended; if you have friends who are wine connoisseurs or even just plain aficionados. You can suggest some brands so they can taste it and based on their initial opinion you can easily select a bottle appropriate for the person who’s receiving the gift.
  • In relation to the choice of the gift, you can also experiment on your own and make that selection according to what that person likes. Once you find certain characteristics that you like in the wine, you’ll be able to choose by yourself those wines that may this special person may love. This is a risky one, because there are no guarantees that the person will like the wine you selected, but sometimes a surprises is really worth it.
  • Take notes. This should be pretty basic, but most people forget it. There are many wines and that is why it’s a must to take notes when tasting them, and making sure of their quality and good taste as gifts. Write down its qualities and flavor intensities. For example, an entry for Champagne might look like: "pale yellow, moderately sweet, very bubbly."
  • When you have brands of wine that you like and you’re sure that the person who’s going to receive the gift like it as well, you can plan to buy that brand by volume, this is buying by boxes; it is especially beneficial as discounts can be as high as 10% for boxes compared to individual bottles. This is great if you like to host dinners and give other people wine gifts in a short amount of time. Remember that wine will keep for a long time as long as you store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, the wine may smell and taste strange the next time you open a bottle.
  • Don't forget the classic wines, since these ones are a go-to option if you want to be sure that the person likes the gift. By "Classics" in this case, we refer to French wines that are famous around the world. Bordeaux, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and the ever popular Champagne are all French wines, and are good options to give as a very good present, to that special person or friend. When you're comfortable with these, you can try wines from other places like Italy, Israel, California, which also feature some great offerings to gauge your choice. 

Other types of wines to give as a gift

White Wines.

Saar Riesling

Finally, turn of white wines. Hailing from Germany, the Saar Riesling has fruity aromas that make it ideal for those who aren’t used to drinking. Its acidity makes it a perfect companion to taste exotic foods. It is a perfect gift for hot seasons, as it is served at an average temperature of 11 ° C.


If you’re looking for a gift for a cooking lover, then the Chablis is undoubtedly your best weapon. Known as "gourmet wine" it is the ideal complement to expensive and sophisticated dishes. Try to give a Chablis to someone who knows how to value it.

Red wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It is a good warm red wine, which has matured in a perfect harmonic combination of fruit and wood. It has a dark cherry red color with garnet nuances, on the nose we can recognize the scents of black fruit, chocolate, liquorice with a slight touch. Its passage in the mouth is light, balanced, with a well-polished tannin with touchs of liquorice and chocolate.

Pinot noir

Pinot Noir is a strain originally from Burgundy, France, characterized by its low tannin structure, medium body that awakens refined and subtle sensations in the mouth. Really good for people with an exquisite taste.

The Pinot Noir is a very old variety related to the primitive wild forms, which makes it quite different from the other red varieties.

Pinot Noir is described worldwide as a wine with a medium body and color with an intense aroma of red fruits. The characteristic aromas of this wine are red and black fruits such as cherry, blackberry, raspberry, plum, among the most prominent and also flowers such as roses, all characteristics that make it a highly recommended wine to give as a gift for a lady.

With these recommendations, we hope you can satisfy that special person who loves wine, we are sure that if you go to the right store for that purchase, it is guaranteed that the purchase will be 100% successful to achieve the goal of getting the best wine to gives as a gift.

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