Best Wines from Rioja in 2019

Best Wines from Rioja in 2019

Tasty Rioja WineAre you one of the many wine lovers who are just plain tired of the limited wine selection at your local store? Do you wish that you could try some of the best wines in 2019 without having to travel halfway around the world to find them? Sure, visiting the Rioja wine region of Spain would be fun but who has the time? Well, you don't need to go anywhere to enjoy all of the best wines in Rioja because right here at the online wine store, we specialize in high-end quality wines from the Rioja region as well as all kinds of the most amazing small production jewels in today's market.

Fine Wines at Low Prices

Yes, right here at, you have the ability to shop for everything from rare vintage classics to offerings from exciting new producers who are showcasing some really unbeatable deals. We are the source for locating all kinds of top-rated wines as well as some previously undiscovered treasures. Here at, our main goal is providing perfectly curated selections of fine wines at affordable prices. We are always striving to bring you the most delicious wines that represent the character, culture, and class of the region they originate from. In fact, we travel the world, tasting wines from some of the oldest wineries in the top-producing wine regions as well as some lesser-known up and coming areas.

Traditional Rioja Wines

We offer wines from all over Argentina, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and right here in the USA. They're also from a number of prime wine-growing regions worldwide, like the Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Napa Valley, Ribera del Duero, and especially the Rioja region where the Rioja wine taste and the Rioja wine tours are legendary. Rioja is a well-known Spanish wine region where the wine is made from grapes that have been grown in the communities of Navarre and La Rioja, as well as in Alava, which is a Basque province. There are three subdivided zones in Rioja and they are Rioja Alavesa, Rioja Alta, and Rioja Oriental. The majority of Rioja wines are traditionally made from blended fruit derived from all three regions. 

Famous Spanish Wines

Rioja wines are actually the most famous Spanish wines in the American market today. They're especially well-known for their sumptuous Sauvignon blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, two special favorites in the Spanish wine museums and tasting rooms. Historically, Rioja is known as the greatest red wine region in Spain where the main grape is Tempranillo. Red Riojas have three age levels, Crianza (aged approximately two years), Reservas (three years), and Gran Reservas (five years). The red Riojas that are considered some of the best for 2019 include the Sierra Cantabria 2010 - Magico, the Bodegas Fernando Remirez de Ganuza 2004 - Reserva, and the Telmo Rodriguez - Bodegas Lanzaga 2015 - El Velado.

What About White Wine Lovers?

Rioja may not be known for its white wines since 90 percent of the wine produced in the region is red, however, some good basic white wines are made there. They're actually quite crisp, fresh, and simple and made mainly from the Viura grape variety. Some of the best of 2019 include the Remelluri 2014 - Blanco and the Bodega Contador 2015 - Predicador Blanco.

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