Best wines to drink on Memorial Day Weekend 2022

Best wines to drink on Memorial Day Weekend 2022

Memorial Day is one of the most important commemorations in the United States, as it is the day on which all members of the Armed Forces who died trying to defend our country are honored.

It is a holiday celebrated on May last Monday of each year, which means that apart from the Memorial Day commemorations and events, many Americans take this opportunity to rest and disconnect from their daily occupations, to take advantage of the long weekend holiday.

It is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends, dust off your grill, prepare a special meal, having a nice pool day, anything is allowed as long as you relax and have fun. And as it could not be the other way, every moment where we share good times with family and friends is a good excuse for uncorking a good bottle of wine.

That’s why we at have made a special selection for you! We’re sharing with you those special wines, so you can choose the one you like the most (or the one you think you will). Memorial day comes in handy for taking ourselves some time for relaxation and having fun, there is no better day than this to give ourselves a break from our daily routine. Down below you’ll find this amazing collection of wines, ideal for the upcoming memorial day.

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Best red wines for the Memorial Day

Red wine is an alcoholic beverage made from red grapes as you could guess. Its intense and characteristic color is given by the grape must.

But red wine is much more complex than that. It is the beautiful result of the work of a large number of people, which begins with the cultivation and harvesting of the grapes and ends with the bottling and distribution of the final product.

This is a complex process of several phases, where the professionals meticulously detail each product to obtain beverages full of aromas and nuances.

Here is a list of red wines for this special day.

1.  Silver Oak 2017 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon


The 2017 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is ruby red with a purple rim. It has attractive aromas of blackcurrant, blackberry, vanilla, sage, and mint.

On the palate, the wine moves from potpourri and blackberry to bright raspberry notes on the mid-palate. With a juicy finish, intriguing tannins, and medium length. You can get in our shop and remember there is a 10% off on all orders that are over $100. Buy a Silver Oak 2017 bottle now! It is the perfect wine for events like the one we all celebrate on Memorial Day.

2.  Querciabella 2018 Chianti Classico


Wine with Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG); A delicious and perfect bottle for Italian wine lovers.

It is a great red wine, with all the expression of an excellent Chianti Classico. A sincere, direct, fruity wine, with good acidity and the minimum needle, typical of the Chianti style.

It is evident how they cared about their vineyard and fruit quality, its elegant nose and structure give it away; a well-made wine, with modern and biodynamic criteria, get your Querciabella 2018 bottle at the shop and have a wonderful Memorial Day with your loved ones.

3.  Sexual Chocolate 2020


Ripe red cherries, dark berries, and an array of exotic spices make an immediate impression in this exotic wine from our precious land of America. Flavors of blackberry, cherry cola, plum, dark chocolate, and rich leather delight the silky texture. Concentrated, layered, simply delicious.

An ideal ally for a good time over the upcoming holiday weekend. To get your bottle now, order from the following link: Sexual Chocolate 2020.

Best white wines for Memorial Day

White wine is a drink made from the alcoholic fermentation of different types of white grapes. It is highly sought after for food pairings, especially for fish, seafood, and white meats.

This excellent type of wine has been produced all over the world for more than 2000 years, according to history. White wines are identified by their floral, herbaceous, and fruity essences, which produce a pleasant and dry aroma that always invites us to have a drink.

Here is our selection of the best white wines for the Memorial Day holiday. 

4.  Sun Goddess By Fantinel 2021 Sauvignon Blanc


Fantinel Sun Goddess Sauvignon Blanc 2021, produced by Fantinel, is a white wine from the DO Friuli made from a selection of sauvignon blanc 2020 with an alcohol content of 13º. It is from the region of California, USA.

A unique collection of bold wines that embody warmth, passion, energy, and a very deep connection with nature. Produced with love and passion by Fantinel in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Sun Goddess collection features a Pinot Grigio Ramato and a Sauvignon Blanc.

5.  Domaine Jean-Louis Chave 2019 L'Hermitage Blanc


A white wine from one of France's oldest wine producers, Jean Louis Chave has been producing exceptional Hermitage and St. Joseph wines for over five centuries. The iconic winemaker is often referred to as France's oenological royalty!

These Domaine wines were so successful that Jean Louis had to renovate the winery and expand the cellars to accommodate the growing production. You can buy this fabulous Domaine Jean-Louis Chave 2019 wine.

So, why not pick one of those for the upcoming Memorial Day? We bet you are going to like it.

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