Biodynamic "Natural Wines"

Biodynamic "Natural Wines"

Curious About Natural Wine? Here's Everything You Need To Know When wine shopping, you have a lot of different kinds of wine from which to select. One of those options is natural wine. Read on to find out more.

What is Natural Wine?

It can be difficult to think that something like wine, which is organic, can be made even more natural. However, in an attempt to compete against mass-produced wine, natural winemakers made a movement. Natural wine utilizes old-school methods for the production of wine. The goal is to make the wine imperfect. Its imperfections give it character and make it more natural.

Certain wineries choose to add supplements, chemicals, and other solutions to make their grapes grow larger or become juicier. Natural wine removes those additives. Instead, vineyard farmers attempt to take care of the land naturally, and then sit back and let the grapes grow according to the season.

It also promotes naturally producing yeast that exists within grapes. Other winemakers introduce yeast to their batches. By allowing the grape itself to produce yeast during the fermentation process, it's believed that the wine is more wholesome and natural.

How Does Natural Wine Look?

If you're curious about trying natural wines and how it looks compared to California cabernet sauvignons that are made traditionally, for example, then you can expect them to be cloudy. Natural wines aren't filtered. So, a lot of the excess grape ends up in the wine. While this can sometimes make the vintage more potent, it also makes the wine, itself, cloudier. For those who like their wine to be see-through, then you may want to stick with modern-produced vintages.

What is the Flavor?

Some might believe that natural wines taste a little funkier than smoother wines. The best cabernet sauvignons, for example, has a light but enduring finish. Natural wines come packed full of flavor. For some wine tasters, that excess of flavor may prove to be too much. Others who love flavor, especially the flavor of the grapes, may come to find that natural wine is exactly the sort of vintage that they've always wanted.

Those who wine taste for a living or for a serious hobby might not enjoy natural wine as much as other wines. This is because their palette has become refined to the point where they expect their wine to taste less fruity. They're not used to tasting the flavor of grape in their wine. As such, when sipping natural wine, they might be thrown off by the fruity flavor.

Those who drink wine occasionally or enjoy fruity flavors will likely enjoy natural wine. We like Moric Wines and Maison Leroy when you want to try biodynamic. Maison Leroy 2012 is one popular bottle, that connoisseurs seek. 

Moric’s 2017 Hidden Treasures Balaton is good when you want to age your wine. Half Riesling and half Furment, the grapes were grown in volcanic soil and thus received ample nutrients. It’s part of a collaboration with the winery Villa Tolnay in Hungary. When you buy this bottle, you buy collaboration 

Try Natural Wine Today

If you're feeling bold, then look for a naturally produced best Cabernet Sauvignon under $100 at We love our Maison Leroy and Moric bottles. You can also find more choices in our North Miami shop or line. 

You can contact us today to see our total collection of natural wines. For a brand new experience and a mouth full of flavor, you should take the challenge and try natural wine today. You might find you have a new favorite.

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  • Alyssa Alvarez