Black Friday 2020 on the best wine deals

Black Friday 2020 on the best wine deals

There is little time left for Black Friday 2020, and in we have been warming up  our engines for months and we have November 29 well marked in red on our calendar, because it is going to be historic.

Throughout that date you will have the opportunity to get the best deals on red, white, rosé, sweet wines, cavas and a lot of other options, making sure that everyone gets a good discount. You can also explore the Black Friday offers on gourmet products such as round box prestige caviar, or a good quality olive oil; very suitable for any occasion.

What is Black Friday?

At this point, It’s most likely that you know what the black Friday is and why so many people talk around October and November, but, in case you’re not sure of what it is, well, keep reading.

Black Friday is always the day immediately after Thanksgiving, and it is understood that from this date; the lights, decorations and most anticipated songs of the year begin: The Christmas season. And with it, how could it be otherwise? the long-awaited time to get the best gifts at the best prices, offers and products everywhere. When Christmas is just around the corner, it is time for shops become crazy and put a good amount of their stock for sales that people could never imagine

For this reason, in general this date is linked to a drop in prices in almost any shop: toy stores, shoe stores, clothing stores, jewelry and wine do not escape from these discounts. But since we know that you are interested in buying wines online, we assure you from now on that you are in the right place.

Origin of Black Friday

There are several theories about how the famous Black Friday began to be celebrated. As you will see, in all of them the explanation revolves around that 'surname' that is given to the day of the week. We tell you what meaning the word 'black' of this day may have.

Plunged into a deep economic crisis, in 1869 two Wall Street financiers tried to turn the market around, but they ended up going bankrupt. That is why it would have been called a "black Friday".

Another story tells that, after a disappointing year of red numbers, small American businesses saw their sales revive just after Thanksgiving. Then, people started talking about 'black numbers'.

Another hypothesis claims that many American employers gave workers a day off after Thanksgiving. Employees and their families therefore took advantage to make their purchases, something that, again, would have turned the red numbers into black.

It is also stated that the term was coined in Philadelphia, around the year 1961. It would be then when the traffic guards began to use it to refer to the massive traffic that occurred through the streets and highways on the day after Thanksgiving.

So, when is it Black Friday 2020?

The date of offers and low prices of the year always corresponds to the day after Thanksgiving, and this appointment coincides with the fourth Thursday of November. Therefore, Black Friday 2020 is scheduled for the fourth Friday of November which is the 27th of said month.

Knowing this beforehand, in order for you to make your wine purchases online in the most comfortable way possible, from home and at the right time, we at will launch our offers with enough time, before Black Friday; As we know that you probably want even more, we anticipate that the price drop will not stop there, since we will extend Black Friday to the entire weekend, so the discounts will cover from November 20th until December the 1st.

The best black Friday deals in 2020 for wines

Do you want to know exactly what our great campaign consists of for the next few days? Thanks to the fact that we have been working with our wineries and different suppliers for months; to get the best Black Friday offers and thus be able to expose them directly through our website, we have gotten great proposals to make your purchases easier and more affordable.

So, in addition to our regular private sales with discounts for members of the club, from November 20th  to December 1st , promotions will cover a wide range of products, with discounted prices on lots of them.

Get ahead of the hurries and unforeseen events of December and start preparing those gifts. Nothing like a good bottle of red wine to give to your loved ones, your co-workers and even your boss.

Buy to share with friends or to take to those invitations that will surely emerge during the quintessential month of group lunches and dinners. A guaranteed success that you always like and that will not hurt your wallet.

Through all these offers that we have prepared for you, we also want to express our gratitude for your loyalty throughout this year, as well as encourage you, once again, to keep enjoying wine consumption.

For now, take note of the reasons why a drink a day will make you feel better, and start putting in your shopping cart those wines that you do not want to miss for the big event on Black Friday 2020.

Stiill some doubts  about the event?

We want everything to be perfect for this great event of offers, discount codes and opportunities to take advantage of all your purchases. Therefore, we are prepared to be at your disposal in case of any questions that may arise in this regard. Thus, do not hesitate to contact our specialized agents through our online chat, by email, by telephone or using our social networks.

In this way, you can be 100% sure that you have everything clear for the big date, and you can also receive tips and individualized advice on your purchases if you wish.

Black Fridays only visit us once a year, for that reason we must try to spend our money wisely and get advantage of these sales, since they aren’t common. We hope you get ready for that day, because we already are. Cheers!

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