Finding the best wine deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Finding the best wine deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The wine industry may seem to have a language of its own, but its origins go back thousands of years, when modern language was in its earlier phases. The pioneers of various wine-making processes gave their names to the production methods and the names of cities, towns, and wine regions were adopted as names for various types of wine, with the French region of Champagne being one of the most famous. Discover our wine offers 

Learning a little terminology can help you a lot when you’re searching for the best wine deals. Although we just are doing a little introduction on how to learn and catch the most advantageous deals and promotions for consumers.

Some basic definitions that you must know before buying wine

Balance: acidity levels, aroma, tannins, etc. of a particular wine. This tends to be more of a subjective perception, as everyone's tastes and sense of smell are different.

Herbaceous: with vegetal aromas and flavors. Excess herbaceous aromas are undesirable because they are associated with rough or carelessly crafted young wines. In its proper balance, herbaceous wines are a delicacy for the palate and smell.

Tears: The tears are the traces that mark the globules that descend down the inner walls of the glass after shaking the wine. They can be indications of a fortified wine. The thick, well-defined tears reveal high alcohol content, glycerin, and dissolved solids.

Nose: also known as bouquet.  Is the smell of wine in general.

Reserva: In the Old World, the word Reserva indicates that the wine went through an aging process, and therefore, is of higher quality.

Steely: Nuance in the coloration of paler young white wines, reminiscent of a shiny steel.

Tannins: In chemical terms, tannins are phenolic compounds that accumulate in fruits and the barks of plants and trees, presenting a very characteristic smell as well as a bitter and dry taste in the mouth.

Vintage: it is the collection or harvest of the grapes, generally referring to those that will be used for the production of wine or liquor. In the case of table grapes, the term harvest is appropriate.

There are, of course, many more terms used in the industry, but through the introduction to these few, you will invariably find and learn more.

Different methods to find the best wine deals

Assist to organized tastings.

Wine wholesalers always host tasting events to attract new customers. What is a better way to discover some new wines? taste them, of course! Then you have to find out which of your favorite ones are going to be featured in the next deals and promotions of your preferred stores.

All you need to do is ask at the wine store or do an online search to find out about the dates and locations of the events. Who knows, you may discover a new strain that you particularly like and have never tried before.

Make a list of your favorite wines so you can keep an eye out for them when sales hit the market, whether you're shopping in physical stores or online.

Search for deals online

The Internet is a wonderful place filled of information and, if you work with a fixed budget, there are websites with great experience in the online sale of wines, there is a big amount of deals for all tastes and budgets. The “” wine store is a clear example of one of these stores.

In this wine store, we have a blog, where you can take your knowledge in wines to the next level, with lots of helpful articles for all wine lovers, which surely will come in handy before making any wine purchase. If required, you can contact a sales representative through the website page for advice and more information.

Look for offers in emerging wine regions

You may realize that great wine deals are not that hard to find if you do a little research on emerging grape growing regions that are not as well-known as Mendoza in Argentina or Napa Valley in California. The vineyards of the south-east of the UK are gaining a good reputation among enthusiasts, as are the vineyards of Mallorca, Spain. You may find a particular varietal from one of these regions that you like and, consequently, find yourself not only with a great selection of wines, but also with good deals of them, if you’re lucky

Is it a good idea to look up for deals in supermarkets and small stores?

There are usually offers in most supermarkets or small retail stores, however, this option is not the most advantageous one if you want quality and good service in your wine purchase. In general, the deals that supermarkets and retail stores offer are not recommendable for demanding customers who want to buy quality wines at the best prices.

For all this, think twice before going to a supermarket or a retail store and making a large purchase of wine bottles, because you will not get either the quality or the good service you deserve, instead, you should go to a store specialized in wines, such as

General guidance after purchasing wine

Down below, we share other general tips for when you have bought your wine. Tips on how to store your wine or which foods go better paired with the wine you bought. 

Wine storage

A bottle of wine should remain perfectly drinkable for up to 5 days, especially if it is kept in the refrigerator or in a nice cool place. You won’t have to rush and drink your bottle in one day. If you've been past a rough week, you can drink a little bit of the bottle every day, so you can divide some time between days and relax.

Wine should be kept in cool environments to prevent it from deteriorating, especially if it is bought in big quantities and then stored for a period of time. Keep the temperature as constant as possible between 39º and 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Experts recommend that corked wine bottles should be stored in an angle where the wine makes contact with the cork, to prevent oxygen filtrations. You can store boxes on their sides in order to do this. On the other hand, screw cap bottles can be stored upright.

Which is better, screw caps or corks for wine bottles?

Modern wines come with both options and it certainly doesn't make a difference between higher and lower quality wines. It's more about manufacturer preference and bottling plant setup. Many producers switched from traditional corks to plastic alternatives or screw caps to prevent the wine from "plugging", since the cork may wear and spoil the liquid.

Be selective with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals

Stick with what you like. The fact that you find a wine deal different from the varietals that you normally drink and the bottle has a fantastic label, does not necessarily mean that you will select that wine for purchase. Surely in the upcoming days of varied promotions, there will be plenty of options at your disposal, getting confused could be easy.

We suggest you wait for deals of the wines that you prefer, in order to do a purchase that you won’t regret. Do not forget that in, we not only sell wines, but also give the advice and attention that you require.

Finally, we hope that these tips and advice we shared here helped you, so you can make a safer and more reliable purchase, without being seduced by deals or promotions that could be misleading, and end up not meeting your purchase expectations. We wish you then, a successful and happy purchase. Also happy hunting for deals on Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday!

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