Ideas to select the perfect wine for this Christmas

Ideas to select the perfect wine for this Christmas

Saying that any red goes with meat and any white with fish or that the Garnacha grapes are sweeter than tempranillos is already a common thing to read if you’ve been into wines for a while. One thing we have for sure and that is: wine you cannot be simple!

In case you don’t know too much about wines, we understand that it can be a bit frustrating sometimes, especially in these times where the process of choosing the perfect wine for Christmas comes! Whether as a gift or for dinner, it is a common and indispensable guest in the many family gatherings that take place on this month, a table must be considered as such only if it has a good wine on it.

But before talking about how to choose the perfect wine, it should be pointed out that, when it comes to wines, your taste matters most than any expert could say, however, their recommendations always come in handy. The key is to select the most suitable for each occasion. If it is a lunch or dinner, factors such as the number of diners or the menu to be eaten will affect the decision. If it's as a gift, the budget and popularity of the wine come into play.

Variables and characteristics that must be known when selecting a good wine

Some characteristics such as designations of origin, year of harvest, barrel storage, type of grape… There are many factors that influence the wine production process and not all wine consumers, especially the less frequent, know how to undestand them. All food to be successful in its objective, must have a good wine that accompanies it and that is suitable according to the prepared menu.

With this in mind, here you have five basic recommendations for choosing a good wine this Christmas.

1. Let yourself be advised and buy in wineries or specialized stores

Do not be ashamed if you’re not an expert in the world of wine, everyone has been at certain moment in their lives! The first basic advice is to be hear professionals. This is often more feasible in specialized stores, with experts who can recommend the best product, the one that best suits what the customer needs.

2. Do not be afraid of wine and dare with new things

Wine experts usually suggest to wine enthusiasts to be creative and innovative in selecting the wine for that important toast, that anniversary date, or simply sharing with family and friends to healthily enjoy the festivities and Christmas season.

3. Great occasions deserve several wines on the table

No matter how good a wine is, a whole special meal, like those on these dates, cannot be accompanied by just one. Who recommends only the reds and whites, we cannot ignore the sparkling ones, which are also rosé. There are also desserts such as vermouths, flavored or semi-sweet, sweet wines, among other various options worth taking into account.

Along with the recommendation of having a variety of wines for a Christmas lunch or dinner, experts also advise that there should be coherence in the selection, that is, that all those chosen are of the same range of quality and price.

4. Let yourself be guided by the price and do not restrict the spending variable excessively

According to the experience of most wine experts consulted for the writing of this article, what they ideally recommend is not to skimp when choosing. Don’t let the price hold you back. Although a limit cost is not indicated for that expense, it suggests setting aside a significant amount for this expense, especially on these dates, where indulging yourself and enjoying the season is what you should deprive when planning a meeting, meal or party.

5. Take into account the menu and the number of diners

When choosing wine for a celebration, it is important to take into account what the menu will be made of. Red wine for meat and white for fish are good basic recommendations. Pairing, that process that consists of pairing a food with a wine, is a whole world in which factors such as the intensity of the flavors intervene, whether they are dishes with or without sauce, temperature, seasoning or quantity.

You also have to be clear about what you want to achieve with the combination of food and wine. If the objective is to enhance the food and accompany the wine, you should choose one that does not overshadow the plate. On the other hand, if what you want is to open that bottle saved for a long time for a special occasion, the menu must contain low intensity flavors, to be able to enjoy the wine.

It is advisable for these cases to leave your imagination when choosing good wines, remembering that there are parameters and characteristics that will help you make the best decision in the choice. Also, keep in mind the number of diners, as well as their preferences and their relationship with the wine.

Average spending on wine doubles at Christmas

Christmas is a special date and, in these cases, gladly, the pocket suffers something else. In the middle of the Christmas season, bottles are flying in the wine shop.

It will be important to make the most of the promotions and discounts offered for the festive season, not leaving this choice and purchase until the last minute, since the stock of that wine you are looking for may be about to run out.

According to statistics managed by this Christmas season, in the last two years, red is still the most demanded, compared to 18% white and closely followed by sparkling wines and champagne.

Wines, the perfect gift to give in December

In addition to wine for lunch and dinner, on these dates, the number of customers who go in search of bottles to give away increases. Not only individuals, but also companies for lots and bonuses, for employees and clients.

Whether it is for gifts or for self-consumption, in recent years, there has been an improvement in the knowledge of wines in general by buyers. Increasingly, they come to the store with wine knowledge and knowing what they want.

Likewise, in our store we have expert wine staff, who will help you in a personalized way, if required, so that you can buy the perfect wine for this Christmas of 2022.


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