Malbec vs. Shiraz: Expert Guide

Malbec vs. Shiraz: Expert Guide

Choosing The Right Wine

When it comes to hosting any kind of social event that serves wine, you need to know the wines that you're offering. You can have the best cabernet sauvignons that are produced in California and still end up ruining the dinner. There are plenty of different sauvignons to choose from and not all are best paired with the same foods. 

Food and wine is a marriage and each varietal has its own pair. Certain grapes match with bold, savory flavors while others prefer softer, sweeter foods. For this reason, it is important to know the wine, you are serving. Temperature, age, and glassware all play an important role. To help your social event go smoothly, here's a helpful guide to help you distinguish Malbec from Shiraz and when to use either.


For those who want the best cabernet sauvignon under $100, then you might want to consider this similar alternative--the humble Malbec. This wine is often made of the following fruits: black cherry, plum, pomegranate, blackberry, raspberry, and raisins. It can also include milk chocolate, cocoa, mocha, coffee, black pepper, leather, tobacco, and green stem. 

Malbec traditionally contains a vast amount of tannins, which is actually a powerful antioxidant. This makes the wine one of the healthiest grapes to drink for those who want to boost their immune system.

Malbec is a thick-skinned grape that originated in France. Because it can sometimes be difficult to grow due to pests, it was eventually taken to Argentina. Famous from Bordeaux and known for being prominent in Bordeaux blends, the grape made its way to California's Napa Valley where it has gained massive popularity for being a flavorful and potent wine.

The color the wine offers is a deep-purple and red mix. It's usually quite opaque. Because it's already considerably flavorful, Malbec doesn't need to age for very long. In fact, some people only age it for six months before it's considered pristine.

When thinking about pairings, you should keep in mind that because it's not a cabernet sauvignon, it doesn't have a strong finish. It's best paired with lean red meats and more rustic meals like mushrooms or plates that have a strong flavor like blue cheese.


When you want the best California cabernet sauvignons that you can get, you have to consider the Shiraz wine, which is also known as Syrah in France. Originally from the French countryside, this wine eventually made its way to Australia before landing in the United States. It's considered one of the darkest wines ever produced. It also contains tannins like Malbec and thus offers a great health boost.

Its flavors usually revolve around a smoky flavor combined with pepper spice and black fruit. Sometimes, it can even taste like bacon. When it's been aged in oak for a time, the flavor can sometimes range into vanilla and baking spice ranges. Shiraz should be served chilled to preserve the powerful flavor it contains.

Similar to Malbec, Shiraz is best paired with game meats like duck and veal. It also pairs wonderfully well with dishes that are heavy on mushrooms and can be served for casual dinners with burgers.

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