National Wine Day in the USA: A good day to toast

National Wine Day in the USA: A good day to toast

Did you know we’re getting closer to National Wine Day? in the United States is celebrated on May 25 of Every year, seems like we’re never going to run out of excuses to celebrate a toast in a friendly atmosphere with family and friends. These strange times aren’t a reason to not enjoy a wine of our preference, are they?

But this day is more than justified, celebrating the arts of winemaking and how has this influenced our lives, and our perception. What’s even better, inviting some friends or family to celebrate with us, who knows, you could make them join this magnificent world of taste, aromas, and prestige. At the end of the day, isn’t wine called a “God’s drink”? - at least for Greek and Roman mythology- 

A drink with an interesting history and tradition: Wine 

To speak of wine is to speak of one of the most traditional and historical drinks in the world, and its reputation has grown worldwide in recent years.

Such is the appeal and popularity of this drink that, in the United States, we celebrate its existence on May 25, with the purpose of encouraging the purchase of this delicious drink, enjoy it and review its history, since it is a drink that has existed for more than 8,000 years.

History of the wine tradition in the United States and its commemorative days in the year

In the United States, there are two festivities related to wine, the National Drink Wine Day on February 18, in which it is encouraged to uncork your best wine and drink it! Let’s remember that wine is a drink that provides important health benefits, as well as an alternative that combines wonderfully with a lot of dishes.

On the other hand, as we already told you, every May 25, National Wine Day is celebrated, which seeks to promote the purchase of this drink and invite you to learn more about it. That’s why the perfect occasion to introduce your friends and family to this mesmerizing world.

Reasons to share wine with family and friends that day

The National Wine Day serves is ideally celebrated by drinking a bottle of this excellent alcoholic beverage, to accompany not only with a good meal but also with the appropriate company.

Additionally, it allows you to share your knowledge with those who might be interested and talk about some vineyards of your liking. We know that between those vines there are amazing people in charge of delivering these quality wines.

The amount of wines that exist today is truly enormous. The difference comes from the region or country where the grapes are grown, the land where they come from, the year they were harvested, the winemaking process, and more. Therefore, we can certainly say that each wine is unique and different.

Why is National Wine Day celebrated?

As you may be thinking, the reason why the Nation Wine Day in the United States is based on purely commercial reasons. It is a day to buy good wine, appreciate it, and enjoy it. A day to learn a little more about its history or its production process. Perhaps trying a new one, or a classic one we’ve never had the chance to drink.

You know, with wines, possibilities are truly endless, such as taste and preferences. Who knows, you might find a new favorite bottle, winery, or region.

National Wine Day makes us remember that this drink has been with us for thousands of years, to think of how wines might have tasted 50 centuries ago, is something truly exciting and really make us value the products and processes we have today to enjoy it! 

Wine can help us improve our health

  • Wine is not fattening: Studies have shown that drinking a glass of wine a day, instead of dessert, can help you lose weight. If you are thinking of starting a diet, wine will become your new best friend. However, remember that too much of everything is not good. 
  • A wine color can determine where it comes from: It is possible to determine the origin, the region, and even the climate where these wines were made, just by looking at their color. It has to be at 113Fº and clearly visible in the light. You will need a lot of practice for this, but observation is paramount.
  • The grape does not influence the color of the wine: white wines can be made with red grapes. The color of this ingredient does not directly influence the result, but rather the process used for its preparation.
  • A glass of wine is good for your health: It's good for your heart, but as always, be moderated with its consumption. It has a large number of antioxidants and properties that might help prevent a heart attack.

What wines to drink to toast National Wine Day USA?

Let’s get to the probably most interesting part! Now it’s time for some wine recommendations. 

Zinfandel is one of the most popular grapes, and we have to say that its popularity is not accidental, since this grape variety has become one of the most liked along the United States in terms of wine production. 

Although its origin is in the Italian hills of Puglia, this grape found its ideal territory in the valleys of California, where its production is concentrated.

In addition to Zinfandel, California's Napa Valley, the country's main wine-growing area, grows Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Syrah, among others.

For this reason, for this important day for American wines, there is no better selection than a wine from the country itself, and what better representative than wines from the Zinfandel varietal. Let’s do a breakdown of the best 3 Zinfandel wines we recommend for this day. 

Robert Biale - 2019 - Zinfandel R W Moore 


A blend made from 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Petite Syrah, and 10% Zinfandel. Noted for its aromas of violets and blue fruits, the bouquet is introduced to the nose in the glass, revealing more intense aromas of leather and aniseed. On the palate, blueberries mingle with notes of dark chocolate.

The consistency is smooth, with defined tannins that allow a soft and persistent finish. It is an excellent choice for lovers of quality wines.

Tres Sabores - 2020 - Rose Ingrid And Julia


Zinfandel and Petite Syrah are whole bunch pressed, fermented in stainless steel, and blended to create a beautiful Provencal-style dry wine that resonates with fruit and sublime balance. A perfect wine to drink while cooking. It is an ideal wine to accompany Christmas charcuterie dishes, whether large or small. A beautiful wine with a spicy accent.

Kokomo - 2019 - Kokomo Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley


The 2019 Zinfandel is elegant and classy, ​​displaying a dazzling garnet color and displaying bright acidity and fruit of black cherry and smoky plum. Rustic, but with aromas of cherry, anise, and forest undergrowth, giving way to flavors of red plum, smoked grass, and pepper.


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