New year's toast and special wines for this moment

New year's toast and special wines for this moment

2021 has finally ended, it is time to appreciate our health, work and happiness. Even though it is not the time for large meetings, we can indulge ourselves with those we love the most, and for this, we advise you to be ready to raise your glass, drink some wine and welcome in a New Year.

New Year is one of the favorite celebrations for almost everyone! It is a Christmas type event, but with a touch of much glamor and everyone dines happily while waiting for the clock to hit 12 A.M. and proceed to hug each other, putting all our expectations on the New Year. We love it because that's when we all bring all the attitude and seek for a motivation to change something about us! people decide to follow a diet, exercise, be more successful at work and obviously by the time February arrives, many of us have already forgotten about our goal...

In the atmosphere there is nothing but good vibes, fun, music, everyone makes sure to wear their best outfit and what cannot be missed: a good toast with quality wines, whether they are red, white or especially the bubbly one that so many of us love!

It is time for selecting the wines

The classics are cava, champagne and sparkling wines, but punch, sherry, etc., are also options. In the case of champagne, cava, prosecco or sparkling wine of your choice, they are always a super option, they are a fun drink, full of charm and delicious. In addition, it is served in flute glasses that are the most stylized, very ad hoc for the occasion!

In addition, bubbles are an option for all tastes, there is rosé champagne, and a wide range of whites that goes from dry to sweet, there are also sweet sparkling wines such as Asti, which brings all the spirit of the party in a dessert. The variety is extensive but the feeling is the same party, joy, sharing, good wishes, many plans and the whole pile to start a new year.

So, what kind of alcoholic beverages should you consider?


This drink has a low alcohol content and is obtained thanks to the fermentation of apple juice. Its name comes from the Latin sicera which means "strong drink".

There are traces that it was consumed by the Hebrews, Egyptians and Greeks but with the cultures of the Middle East it reached its splendor as they grew different apples.

It was very popular in the Middle Ages and the Spanish offered the world Asturian cider, which is considered one of the richest. Mexico inherited that tradition that it is one of the traditional drinks to toast at Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


It is perhaps the most famous drink for toasts because it is considered "elegant" but it is not the only sparkling one that exists and there are different types according to the different wine production areas.

These sparkling wines are made according to the champenoise method that is achieved with a double fermentation in the bottle with which a natural carbonate is obtained. Champagne must be from the French region with the same name and is made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes.

As a curious fact, in France they produce more than 15 sparkling wines with different designations of origin and seven of them are called “crémant” and although their flavor is similar to that of champagne, it is not the same in terms of terroir.


It is one of the Catalan symbols that is made with Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada varietals. Subirat or Riojan malvasía and Chardonnay can also be used. Garnacha, Monastrell, Pinot Noir and Trepat are used for rosé Cavas.

Cava is the quality sparkling wine par excellence given its magnificent value for money. A good cava can be used for any occasion; it doesn't have to be a celebration. From the aperitif to the desserts, this wine will make a good accompany throughout the meal. There will always be attentive Cavas to pair with any dish or specialty.

The "coupage" or blending of wines is in the essence of cava. From the classic combination of Xarel.lo, Macabeo and Parellada, to the additions of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, for whites, and Pinot itself together with Trepat and Garnacha in rosé bottles. A good "coupage" is a guarantee of a good product, it will only be necessary to round it off with a long aging process in cool and a serene repose.


It is originally from the Veneto region, northeast of Italy. It is made with Prosecco or Glera grapes grown in Conegliano, Valdobbiadene and Friuli (Friuli-Venezia Giulia region).

The Designation of Origin establishes that it can only be produced there and it is made with the Charmat method, which, unlike Champenoise, carries out the second fermentation in pressurized stainless steel tanks to preserve the freshness of the grape.

The Bellini cocktail is a classic (and a favorite from renowned writers like Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles) that includes this wine among its ingredients, which is also a perfect companion for desserts and meets all the requirements to be a good option when selecting a good drink for the toast at Christmas and New Year.


Most of the German sparkling wine is made using the Charmat method of second fermentation in the tank (there is also the bottle method). In ancient times the word “sekt” was used to designate sweet and sparkling wines.

William Shakespeare's Henry IV character Falstaff was ordering a famous Portuguese wine in England in the late 1500s with a line that read: "Give me a cup of sack, boy." Legend has it that this phrase may have led to the German actor Ludwig Devrient changing the word to sekt and using it in a famous bar in Berlin in 1825. It may be one of the lesser known toasting drinks in other countries outside the European region. However, not know doesn’t mean bad, so don’t forget to at least give it a try.

Final decision

Obviously with such good options it is not easy to decide what kind of wine you’ll end up choosing for the end of the year toast.  We suggest you assess how formal is the reunion going to be as well as keeping in mind how many guests will assist. You can be sure that, if you follow our recommendations faithfully, you cannot go wrong. With this previous selection you will have access to quality, elegance and distinction when the toast’s time finally comes. Be bold! Trust your instinct and your knowledge about wines to choose a wine that’ll make you and your guests happy!

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