Pinot Noir vs. Merlot: Complete Guide

Pinot Noir vs. Merlot: Complete Guide

When you are a fan of reds, you want to know your different grapes. A good way to embarrass yourself at a business function is to not know your shiraz from your Cabernet Sauvignon. Or in this case, knowing your pinot noir from your merlot can help at the next formal dinner. can help you get started with the basics. We’ve outlined some of the differences between two well-known but different grapes. 

Red Wines In General

When dipping your toes a figurative wine vat, you want to start with lighter vintages. Going too strong can make you think that wine is another form of vinegar, without appreciating the subtle flavors. Even so, trying medium can also open your palate to the potentials of your drink. 

Red wines are good for lunches and dinners, depending on their tannins level and acidity. We don’t recommend drinking wine with breakfast unless you have a long day ahead of you or are enjoying a heavy meal. For example: Bodegas Fernando Remirez de Ganuza Reserva 2012.

Lighter reds pair well with dark green salads and cooked vegetable dishes. So if you are making broccoli pasta or creamed spinach, you’ll want that Pinot Noir. 

Heavier, bolder wines are good for dishes with strong texture and flavor. Red meat is often recommended, although you can also go with stew or grilled fish. Your Merlot will go really well with lamb chops or a rich beefy lasagna. 

Merlot and Pinot

Merlot means “the little blackbird” and refers to a beginner’s grape. When you are starting with wine, this is a good choice. The grape hails from the Bordeaux region in France but is quite popular in the United States. It is labeled “medium” in terms of boldness and has fewer tannins. Discover our Tenuta San Guido Guidalberto 2018 wine

When you want to savor all the wine flavors, you want a full-standard size glass. Standard size will work for merlot tastings and at meals. That way you can inhale the aroma before sipping slowly. 

Pinot Noir is a lighter-bodied wine with a higher level of acidity. Its vineyards tend to thrive in colder climates. It also sells at a higher price than most other grapes do. Pinot Grigio and Blanc respectively are color mutations of the original noir. You will find more tannins in this bottle because winemakers can crush the grape stem with the fruit. 

The Bourgogne glass is good for Pinot Noir, with a larger bowl for the aromas. You can savor the floral scent over a relaxing evening. Or share with your friends for a special occasion. Discover our Domaine Georges lignier & fils - Chambolle - Musiny - 2014.

Learn More From

When choosing the next bottle to go with dinner, or to deliver as a holiday gift, let help you find the right bottle. Our Aventura staff are always happy to answer your questions about which merlot is good for your special occasion. In addition, the wine club can introduce you to a variety of flavors. 

Reach out to us today to find out more information. We want to help you get started on that first bottle. Savor your grapes, and know how to discern from each one. 

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  • Alyssa Alvarez