The best deals on quality wines for Mother’s day

The best deals on quality wines for Mother’s day

You already know that a mother deserves everything! What better way to celebrate than with a glass of good wine? Whether you’re far from her or luckily, close enough to visit her, the truth is that a wine can be the best gift for her.

It doesn’t matter what kind of personality and tastes your mother has, there will always be a perfect bottle for each one, whether she likes whites or reds, rosés, sweets, sparkling...

Let's forget about those old clichés that women only like whites, fruity or sweet wines... wine doesn't understand genres, and neither does taste.

Mother's Day is really close and wine could be the main character as one of the best gifts that can be given. How could you make a day better if not with a wonderful toast?  s

Wines for Mother's Day

Gift for mother's day


A wine can be the best gift for Mother's Day, to toast with her or to send her if she is not close to you.

For this reason, we’re going to help you on such an important day by giving you a hand with your choice, in case you don’t really know that much about wines. We have selected for you and with all the love that a mother deserves, these wines among our cellars, so you can find the one that perfectly fits with that special one, either be your mother, your wife or a friend too. 

Discounts on Wine Club subscriptions for Mother’s Day

Discover the best wines at the best prices. At the Wine Club, members enjoy a carefully selected group of high-quality wines on a monthly basis.

If you visit our website,, you’ll notice we have an exclusive wine club with different plans, where you can enjoy the advantages of each one of them, such as special discounts, events and informational material related to wines.

In the Wine Club, you have three plans, suitable to any wine enthusiast or even experts who want to participate, down below, there’s a short explanation about active plans.

Take advantage of those special promotions we always have available for all those interested, get started or improve yourself to achieve the goal of being the ultimate wine lover.

1 Beginners Plan: Future Connoisseurs

With this plan you will get a set of three or four bottled wines, either classic or new trends, so your palate can taste from the oldest and refined, to the newest and bold. The selection changes every month.

Additionally, you will enjoy different monthly events related to wines, you can cancel at any time during the 30 days. This plan has a price of $100, special discount right now for Mother's Day at $75. Learn more at the following link: Future Connoisseurs Wine Club.

2 Intermediate Plan: Oenophile Wine Club

It provides similar characteristics as the previous tier, plus several advantages like the prestige in each bottle. The wines offered in this tier are of a higher cost, you will receive them monthly with an average cost of $300. For this tier, you will only pay a monthly subscription of $250, of course, you can now join for only $200, as a celebration for the upcoming Mother's Day. If you wish to know more info, click on the following link: Oenophile Wine Club.

3 Advanced Plan, Wine Tycoon Club

The greatest and most attractive tier, aimed at expert wine lovers who’ve been in the field for years, who want even more experience and prestige due to the benefits this tier offers. There are monthly events exclusively for the members of the Wine Tycoon Club, where they can assist freely.

For the members of this tier, all wines are at significant discounts. 10-20% off, ensuring all to all our beloved members that they receive the best price per bottle.

The cost of this plan is usually $500 per month, of course, with a promotion as well for Mother's Day for only $400. Access to two or three monthly ultra-luxurious bottles of wine valued up to $600. Take advantage of this special deal and sign up to keep honing your skills as a specialist wine lover. For more info on this tier, check the following link: Wine Tycoon Club.

Top five selection bottles for the next Mother's Day

Selection of wine for mother's day


We have carefully selected from a varied selection of labels in order for you to make a safe choice when buying the bottle you're planning to give, with no need of worrying if the bottle will meet the expectations of being a unique and original gift. All these selections are perfect to uncork on Mother's Day... or any other day of the year. Quality is present in all the chosen bottles.

1    Perfect for the dreamer: Can Sumoi La Rosa 2019

Ideal for all those mothers who have a powerful imagination and spend all day thinking and creating new stories, nothing better than giving them a Can Sumoi La Rosa 2019, an apparently fragile rosé wine, but with a great personality, floral and mineral, reminiscent of the pink petals, the stone fruit and the pulp of the raspberries.

Excellent wine for any moment, well elaborated with aromas of currant, red fruits, blueberries. On the palate a young wine with a lot of freshness and good acidity. Wine from Guadalupe Valley, blended Grenache, Tempranillo, Syrah and Mourvedre. On the nose, we find notes of plum tobacco and fig. In the mouth we identify dark blackberry and vanilla. Order a bottle of Can Sumoi La Rosa 2019 at the following link.

2 Casanova Di Neri 2017 Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta

The Casanova di Neri style is expressed through an elegant, fine and subtle Brunello, but also with a solid structure. Casanova di Neri Rosso di Montalcino is a barrel-aged red wine made by Casanova di Neri with the Sangiovese variety in the DOC Rosso di Montalcino, in Tuscany. It is an elegant and quality wine that sufficiently meets the requirements to be the ideal gift that the best mother in the world deserves. Casanova DiNeri 2017.

3 Monte Xanic 2020 Sauvignon Blanc Vina Kristel

It is a clean wine with a lemon green hue. On the nose it has frank, high intensity and very expressive notes, mainly fresh citrus such as grapefruit, fruits such as guava, lychee, soursop, passion fruit and pineapple. Also, orange blossom flowers and lemon tea. The quality and persistence of the aromas is excellent.

Another of the selections that we have made for you, a wonderful Mother's Day gift, in addition to having a very attractive budget-friendly cost, you can order at the following link: Monte Xanic 2020 Sauvignon Blanc Vina Kristel.

4 Sōtō Sake NV Junmai

Soto Sake Premium Junmai is a perfect Japanese wine for occasions such as Mother's Day. Suitable for making cocktails, pairing with the menu especially those with rice, it guarantees a delicate smoothness and elegant aroma.

Another highly recommended candidate for a Mother's Day gift. Order now at the following link: Soto Sake Premium Junmai.

5 Champagne Grongnet 2009

For these sunny days, nothing better than enjoying them in the company of a Champagne Grongnet 2009 bottle, created in harmony with the tradition of the Louis Roederer house, nature and the brilliant mind of renowned French designer Philippe Starck.

Champagne Grongnet 2009, a spring vintage, perfectly symbolizes the concept of a modern and mature champagne, maintaining a fresh, almost abstract spirit with infinite precision. Creamy, delicate and modern, this new vintage is only made in vintages with the ideal conditions for its production. Click on the link to buy: Champagne Grongnet 2009.


The table is set this year, where health conditions have already been more flexible to take advantage of the opportunity to share with the family again after some restricted years. What better occasion than Mother's Day? Take advantage of these deals and entertain that special love being as it deserves.

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