The best wine for Christmas celebrations and parties

The best wine for Christmas celebrations and parties

A self-respecting Christmas party has two fundamental elements: food and wine in abundance. However, choosing the best wines for the Christmas holidays can be a difficult task, so we’re going to give you some advice on how to make the right choice when it’s time. Likewise, you have to look for a wine store that meets your expectations of taste, quality and prices as well.

If you’re in charge of buying the wine that’s going to be on everyone’s drink at the Christmas party, end of year meeting or simply a party to exchange gifts, the most important thing is to be able to properly pair the wine with the food you all are eating that day.

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Appropriate pairing

In this sense, for the starters, typical products such as ham, almonds, clams or cheeses are served, a light white Sauvignon Blanc wine with low alcohol content can create a perfect combination.

In order to give you a comprehensive recommendation of wines for Christmas celebrations and parties, it is necessary to separate two important moments.  Those are; in case you and your friends group or family are going on a trip or and the second one if it’s a Christmas dinner or New Year’s dinner. Depending on them, there is different wines recommendations for each one.  Keep reading.

Tips to keep in mind before the Christmas celebrations.

If you go on a trip: The important thing when you go on a trip is the proper transportation of the wines, since you have to take care of them and also keep well protected in boxes, so the bottles cannot collide, avoiding accidents. On the other hand, don’t leave the wines exposed to high temperatures for a long time inside the trunk, as this situation can definitely harm the liquid, making it taste bad.

If you are going to go somewhere on the beach or with a place with a lot of heat, I recommend consuming mainly white, rosé or young red wines, which can be drunk fresh (depending on the type of wine).

In cold places, there is more flexibility in terms of the wines that you can drink, but we must be careful not to take reserve wines or large cold reserves, since we wouldn’t allow the wines to express themselves as they should be. Similarly, in very cold places you can try to make the mulled wine recipe, which is ideal for those dates.

Wines to choose for Christmas or New Year's dinner

The celebrations of those dates are important for almost everyone, since we get close to our friends and family with the intention of celebrating, and in these events a great variety of dishes are prepared, which makes difficult to select the ideal wine to pair with each one of them. Although the important thing is to make merry and have a good time, I give you some ideas that can help you enjoy these important moments.

To make a toast: The obvious go-to for making a toast is a sparkling wine, ideally Brut, because it is a sparkling wine, neither too sweet nor too dry, which is likely to please a larger group of people. Moreover, sparkling wine is ideal for the variety of pairings it can be part of, such is the case with cod, pork leg, pasta, turkey.

White Wines: White wines can be a very good option to accompany various dishes such as cod or some pasta. Due to the spice of some common dishes in these times, I recommend a white wine that had been aged to give a good balance to different dishes.

Rosé Wines: these types of wines are also a great option for bittersweet dishes, such as the Turkey, that are accompanied by a plum sauce. Darker rosés can convey fruitier flavors to the palate.

Among the flavors that can be distinguished are: bananas, lemon, tangerine, pomegranate, watermelon or melon. In addition to that, subtler touches such as blackberries, cherries, strawberries or blueberries can be perceived.

Red wines: They aren’t the best accompaniment for some dishes, but what is true is the fact that we can always play with a diversity of red wines, between young and aged wines, for certain dishes.

The turkey, depending on its elaboration, goes well from a young red wine to corpulent or elegant wines. The leg of lamb is a little fattier and we can accompany it with wines of greater aging and power. We can also accompany pasta with young red wines, since those ones accompany very well this kind of food.

Dessert wines: In many countries around the world, is becoming more and more popular through passage of time that, at the dinner’s end, while savoring the sweets or cheeses, a good wine is tasted, one that combines perfectly with the desserts on the table.

For the Christmas cake or other desserts, they can be paired with a dessert wine that allows us to enhance the experience of that dessert in particular. If it’s really sweet, only the dessert wine is enough or you can also accompany the desserts with the sparkling Brut once again since form an ideal balance.

Conclusions for selecting the best wines for Christmas celebrations and parties

Finally, as a general rule we can use some tips that experts give when pairing wines and desserts, such as taking into account the intensity of the color, this means that, the darker the color of the dessert, the darker the wine should be, to be able to get the perfect pair.

The intensity of the flavor must also be considered and thus the more intense the flavor of the dessert, the more intense the wine taste must be, achieving a balance out of this world, capable of pleasing even the most demanding palate.

Without a doubt, Christmas is the time of year that combines a series of feelings that come together in an important and traditional celebration each year, we share these holidays with the people we love and the ones close to us,  for this reason, we must make sure that the Christmas Dinner or New Year's Eve, be as pleasant as possible, therefore, we must do our best to prepare every detail and of course, the enjoyment and tasting of the best wines, cannot miss on these end of the year celebrations .

The best wine is the one that is shared and creates a unique experience of cordiality, togetherness and well-being, among family and friends; so enjoy these dates to the fullest.

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