The wine and its romantic touch for the day of love and friendship

The wine and its romantic touch for the day of love and friendship

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we are sure that you already have almost everything ready to celebrate as a couple or with your closest friends. Although this year any attempt of celebration might be compromised due to the restrictions caused by the new outbreak, however, this shouldn’t stop you! You can still organize everything you need to have a good dinner with your partner at home and enjoy great preparations without having to spend hours cooking.

A good wine is essential for this year's celebrations, as it can go very well with almost any food and even a sweet desserts or simply to accompany the evening with a very special drink. Choosing a good wine is sometimes a bit complicated, especially if we are not very familiar with this topic, so we will give you some tips that will surely be very helpful for that day (or any day to be honest)

How to choose a good wine?

Out there you can find a large number of wines for all tastes, from the sweetest to those with more acidic notes. Young or aged? Should you read the label? How much alcohol it should have? Red or white? These are some of the most frequently asked questions when choosing a wine, but in general terms, there is nothing written about the world of wine, so you will have to try different options until you find the one you like the most.

So, red or white?

The first thing you should be clear about is that not all wines are suitable for any occasion, since a dinner with your partner is not the same as a reunion with co-workers, you should also take into account the time and even the weather in order to pick a good wine. For example, if it is a hot and a bit humid day, it is best to opt for a white, sparkling or rosé wine, but if it is a dinner in a cool place, red will be the best option.

What are you going to eat?

The correct choice of wine will depend on the dishes that are going to be served on that occasion. Since there are some drinks that go better than others with sweet, salty, light or fatty dishes. In this case, red wines go better with products with a higher amount of fat and white wines with those that are lighter, such as poultry.

If you are going to serve a sweet dessert, try to make the wine have an acid touch and if it is a very spicy dish, choose a wine with a low amount of alcohol.

What fits your budget?

Setting a budget for your incoming wine purchase will also allow you to keep your financial situation under control, since you can find wines of all prices. It must be made clear that a very expensive wine is not always good, and just because a wine is cheap does not mean that it is bad. In the world of wine there is always something for all tastes and pockets, you can even choose wines for less than 20 bucks that will surely be perfect to accompany lunch or dinner.

The type of grape is also important

Each of the wines that you can find are made with one type or a blend of several types of grapes, so focus on choosing just one type so that you discover the flavors, for example, you can start with wines made with a single grape and then try the others so you can tell the difference between the wines, this way you can start training your palate to identify flavors and essences attached to a certain type of grape.

Cups are as important as the wine

An important element to enjoy the wine is where it is going to be served, since flavors and aromas of the wine can be lost if they are served in a glass or in wrong type of container. Make sure you have a couple of wine glasses at home so you can enjoy the flavors and textures to the fullest.

Do not be afraid to take risks!

If you are not an expert in the world of wines, there is no problem, since you can gradually try the wines that you can find at hand, the important thing is not to keep just one in mind if you have already found your brand or favorite grape, so you can give a chance to other products and discover new flavors.

In fact, it is a day to dedicate to small pleasures as a couple. If we prepare almost anything with care and special affection, it’ll be a good gift for sure. But one thing is certain, to achieve a magical moment with your partner and the complicity of a deep and intimate conversation, wine is the perfect companion. We hope that these tips for Valentine's Day will help you to have a perfect day.

Some final recommendations for Valentine's Day

Sophenia Sauvignon Blanc a classic of the Sauvignon Blanc variety from Argentina, made with Guatallary grapes, with great varietal typicity with rue, lemon and grapefruit among the most outstanding aromas, light, but with good acidity as the backbone. Ideal to pair with sushi or a tiradito.

Enemigo Malbec is a great wine with complexity, nerve and structure. It has a perfect balance between fresh fruit and spices. It is ideal to accompany some grilled chorizo ​​steaks with embers potatoes with a little ice of olive oil.

Zuck Cardi Blanc de Blancs made with Tupungato grapes, 100% Chardonnay, with a time on yeast of 48 months, which gave it body, structure, weight in the mouth and great balance with the acidity typical of the early-harvested varietal. It is undoubtedly an excellent bet for a celebration of love such as Valentine's Day.

Champagne Salon 2004 is a versatile wine that is not only simple to pair with, but can be drunk neat. Sparkling wines are also a symbol of celebration, of good times and an excellent motivator for toasts. For all these reasons, it is an excellent option for a day like Valentine’s

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