Top 4 Driest White Wines

Top 4 Driest White Wines
At, you can find any bottle that will suit your drinking tastes or meal pairings. We want to help you find the perfect vintage for your special occasion, gift, or meal. In this case, our sommeliers have gone through the catalog to find our best dry white wines. 

The Definition of “Dry”

“Dry” in conventional wine language does not refer to the sensation of a wine leaving your mouth feeling drier than before you swallowed. That sensation can happen, however, if the tannin level is high. Nor does a drier wine have higher alcohol content. You won’t get any more sloshed after a glass than you would with another glass. 

Generally, we use the term “dry” to refer to wine’s sweetness. Since the fermentation process involves yeast eating up the vineyard grape sugar, the winemaker can decide how much residual sugar to leave in the juice. Drier wines have less fruit sugar, but the same amount of grape juice. 

In Europe, wines overall tend to be drier compared to bottles in the United States. For that reason, goes international to deliver on this taste. We have bottles from all over the world, some bone-dry and some quite sweet.

Our Dry White Wine Recommendations

You can get all sorts of grape varieties when trying to find your wine. Some are drier than others, but you can decide on how much sugar you want to taste. 

Do you want a dry riesling at an affordable budget? Winemaker Peter Lauer has delivered on a brew for the occasion: the Peter Lauer 1984 Riesling Sekt . Savor the acidity as it rests on the tongue, and reminds you of forgotten vineyards with grapes languishing in the sun. 

If you want an alternative to Peter Lauer, the Perseval-Farge NV - Reserve Brut can deliver on the dry. Brut is always a good choice for a celebration, and this bottle will remind you of luxurious French dinners. Enjoy the taste of brioche and citrus.

Chapellett is another winemaker that likes to explore and find the right grape. His 2017 - Grower Collection Calesa Vineyard Petaluma Gap Chardonnay comes from the Pritchard Hill, along with his other bottles. The grapes grow on the mountainside, in dry soil. Savor the oaky and berry flavors as you take a glass and swirl to get the full aroma.

What if you want to go big and splurge for a special occasion? The Chateau de La Maltroye’s 2014 - Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Blanc can help with that part. This vintage hails from Burgundy, France, grown in highly nurturing soil. Taste citrus and butterscotch, to go with the acidity. Purchase this bottle when you want to get that special gift for a trusted family friend.  

Learn More From wants to educate consumers about the different qualities of wine, and how to find obscure vintages. Our shop in Aventura always will help customers when choosing bottles for certain occasions. 

Contact us today to get your dry white wine or our recommendations of sweeter pinot grigios. All it takes is one sip, and you’ll be hooked. 

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  • Alyssa Alvarez