Top 4 Summer Reds: Who Said It Was Too Hot Out for Red Wine?

Top 4 Summer Reds: Who Said It Was Too Hot Out for Red Wine?
In the summer, temperatures climb in every region. In some cases, this simply means the last of the river ice breaks up and flows. For places closer to the Equator, however, you can get intense heat waves. A good drink can stave off the sweating. 

Conventional protocol dictates that most red wines should be served at room temperature while not allowed to get warm. That way the drinker can savor all the aromas that come within a Pinot Noir or a Merlot. In the summer, however, room temperature wine may not help. A slight chill in the glass can make all the difference to enjoying your sips. 

We do recommend saving your older bottles for the winter and buying more recent ones with a lighter style for a cooler drink. Ten years is a reasonable window by which to choose which wine to cool. You don’t want to smother the oaky flavor with some ice! With that said, certain red wines taste great when chilled.

Do not lower the temperature too much, when you chill a cup. Thirty minutes in the fridge should suffice for a bottle. You taste more tannins and oak, which in turn can change the intended flavor. We recommend going for the slight chill. 

Chilling Reds

Summer red wine is wonderful for when you want an alternative to Chardonnay or white. The lighter varieties make for easy drinking. 

Have you ever stood on a California cliff, hearing the Pacific Ocean waves crash against the rocks below? The Flowers 2015 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is brewed with the ocean breezes and can remind you of surfing in the deep. The fruit matures for an intricate flavor that contains hints of rogue waves and cold sunlight and yet can chill very well. 

Zenato Azienda’s 2012 Amarone de la Valpolicella Riserva 'Sergio Zenato'  is great for the heat. A deep red color betrays a floral aroma. It goes really well with wild game, salami, and grilled meats in general. So enjoy this drink with some summer venison if you are a deer fan. 

Cabernet francs, in general, are a good choice for a day at a beach party, or an outdoor wedding. For the wine newcomer, the 2016 Favia Carbone is a good light blend for the palate. It contains Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot. Enjoy the hints of blueberry as you sip slowly. 

What if you want some variety from light vintages? A wine from Santorini, the Greek island that may have been Atlantis, can bring European summers to your palate. The Santorini Hatzidakis 2014 Mavrotragano contains memories of fallen civilizations and ancient history, with the grapes grown in dry heat and volcanic soil. The wine contains hints of fruit, tobacco, and chocolate and is very good when chilled. It has a higher tannin content but is rich and fruitful.  

Reach Out To For More Recommendations is dedicated to helping you beat the heat. Our shop is located in North Miami, where the local sea breezes assist with the spiking temperatures in summer.

Reach out to us today, and we can start you started with the basic bottles. Or you can get more advanced. Let’s find ways to help you relax in the sun, sipping the perfect wine.   

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