Unique offers on wines for Black Friday in 2021

Unique offers on wines for Black Friday in 2021

The long awaited November 26 Black Friday of this year comes with several new offers and promos that are going to be celebrated. A date marked in green in the agenda of many of us for the amount of discounts that we can find in all sectors. And wine is not the exception. We are just a few days away from the great offers and discounts offered every year by finding.wine.

The finding.wine store has been offering its followers and customers the best wines for all tastes for several years, with the best promotions and brands of international and national wines, offering membership to its membership, where the benefits and offers present each year are increasing.

Each promotion is reasonably adapted to the pocket of each customer, this year the offers will be in force for the duration of the stock selected for these great deals, therefore, we suggest everyone, to hurry up and making sure of taking the lead at time, to take advantage of everyone one of these fabulous discounts, which each year exceed the expectations of all our old and new customers.

A suitable wine for the Christmas festivities taking advantage of Black Friday offers

A self-respecting Christmas party has two fundamental elements: food and wine in abundance. However, choosing the best wines for Christmas parties can be an arduous task, in the finding.wine store you can find professional experts in the wine area that will help you make the best choice when buying your wines with the best active offers for this Black Friday and the end of the year 2021.

If you are looking to select the wine that will accompany the menu of a Christmas gathering or sharing, the most important thing is to properly pair the wine with the food. In this sense, for starters, where typical products such as ham, almonds, clams or cheeses are served, a light white wine like a Sauvignon Blanc with a low alcohol content can combine perfectly.

When we get to the main course, we can continue with an aged white wine of Chardonnay or Macabeo if we’re eating fish stews, or switch to a red wine with barrels of Bobal or Tempranillo if it is meat, to enhance its flavor. A Pinot Noir rosé wine can also be an alternative to take into account if we opt for dishes with vegetables or light pastas.

Different options for every occasion

And in the event that our menu mixes both meat and fish, with a little bit of everything, the best are the young single-varietal, softer red wines. In addition, when it is time for the toast, we will have to drink a balanced sparkling wine ready with just the right bubbles to feel that pleasant sensation.

Which wines to choose for this year's Black Friday shopping?

As it could not be otherwise, this week where discounts on many products are everywhere, the alcoholic beverages sector is just another niche where we can get the most out of our money. Specifically, today we’re bringing you the Black Friday offers in the wine world within finding.wine and we will make a summary of some of the best wines that can be purchased in these traditional dates for all of us, counting this year with frankly unbeatable prices. 

Wines from Rioja

Among the most recommended options that are at a great promotional price for this Black Friday week are Rioja wines. Classic Rioja wines are those of traditional winemaking that are characterized by a more complex flavor. Rioja wines are young reds that are easy to drink thanks to the diversity of the terroir plus they are ideal for storage in oak or wood barrels, as they can be cellared for several years.

Pinot Noir

This wine has a special luminosity and its color varies depending on its age, going from a ruby red or violet tone when it is young to an ochre orange when it has been aged for 8 to 10 years. As for its taste, in the mouth it has a low amount of tannins and acidity, which makes it possible to appreciate more clearly the flavors of strawberries, blueberries, plums, cherries and roses.

Sparkling wine

This type of wine is a great option if you are looking for inexpensive toast wines. It is mainly made with Chardonnay grapes, Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier (a red one with white pulp). It is important to remember that not all sparkling wine are considered Champagnes.


Champagne is the celebration drink par excellence and it is logical that, during Christmas, it is the main guest at the table. It is a sparkling wine made using the Champenoise method in the Champagne region (northeast of France) and is protected by an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée).

In order to make everything on these dates go as you wish, you should not only make your preparations well in advance, it is also very important that you have clear the pairings that you’re going to do with your wine and dinner, so everyone can experiment indescribable sensations and flavors.


As you may already know, it is the white grape variety with more hectares planted worldwide and it is highly appreciated and valued by wine lovers, as it combines with most dishes. We can say for sure that Chardonnay is refreshing, creamy and easy to drink, but why do we love it so much?  Let’s remember that Chardonnay originated in France and is one of the most cultivated white grapes varieties around the globe. Depending on where it’s grown, it can produce wines of the most varied styles.

Chardonnay boasts of being a wine that can be adapted to all people, and we are not only talking about taste, but also about money. It has a wide range of varieties in terms of origins, qualities and prices, which makes it a wine that everyone can enjoy.

Contrary to popular belief, Chardonnay is not only recommended to be served with pasta, fish or seafood, as it can be perfectly paired with red meats thanks to its toasted aromas and flavors.

Final recommendations

No doubt that the great deals that always arise on Black Friday will give us the opportunity to stock up on wines that we will use in the coming days in the festivities and events of Christmas and New Year's Eve, the occasion is unbeatable with the number of offers that we can select to achieve a quality purchase at the best prices in the market, with the great advantage of buying from the comfort of your home or from anywhere where you are in the wine store finding.wine.

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