What are the advantages of being a member of a wine club?

What are the advantages of being a member of a wine club?

The world of wine awakens your inner curiosity. However, every time you decide to try a different bottle, it is difficult for some people to decide which label or varietal they want to buy. Like many newcomers, you are a part of the great universe of enthusiasts who want to know more about this fascinating world, but it's common being lost and not knowing where to start or finding someone who can give us advice.

In finding.wine, you can find a wine club that offers the best selection of wines in the U.S and exclusive benefits that will allow you to become a wine specialist. The large number of members who are already registered in the club; confirm the success that has been achieved, thanks to an original proposal that combines great wines, exclusive experiences and personalized quality services for its members.

Find which advantages you’ll be able to enjoy if you join a wine club

Monthly membership wine clubs welcome you to the world of wine in a unique way that can be enjoyed by new hobbyists as well as middle and advanced hobbyists looking to increase their knowledge and refine their palate. Wine clubs a great and fun way to learn about wine and taste the best wine selections offered each month to all club members. It’s worth mentioning that a good club will offer sufficient varieties to please all types of wine lovers.

As a member of a wine club like the finding.wine club, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of having top wine expert advisors at your disposition. All this to make you successful with your goal of being a better wine connoisseur. The world of wine offers you this option from the wine club directly to your home at incredible prices. You can expect a variety of wines on a monthly basis, which will certainly help you to be an advanced wine lover.

What does a wine club require to be considered good?

As a member of a wine club like finding.wine, you can delight yourself and enjoy a sensory tour throughout the world of vineyards, enjoying the best wine producers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Portugal , Mexico, Chile, Argentina and others. Likewise, wines from other regions of the world with less tradition in the production of wines, but presenting an outstanding quality.

Members of the wine club get to know and taste new wines from some countries on a monthly basis with carefully chosen selections by experts who work for you in providing the best wines and other events that they usually schedule, exclusively for club members. A membership to a wine club like finding.wine's offers several alternatives according to the requirements and possibilities of anyone who wants to be a member.


finding.wine Club Memberships

Future Connoisseurs: For those who are just beginning their journey in the wine’s world, go through this phase. The wide of ages among people that select this membership plan is pretty large, from very young people up to the oldest ones, who have recently been interested in wines: for this initial group, the finding.wine club, presents this very attractive offer that has options of receiving from three to six wines per month, which can be red, white, sparkling and sometimes dessert wines. It’s a fair price considering the varieties and amount of wines that you’ll be receiving, as well as a great introduction plan for anyone who wants to learn and discover more about wines. Interesting right? Then you should check finding.wine wine club in order to get more info about it.

Oenophiles Wine Club: This high-level membership is designed for people with intermediate knowledge of wines who wish to keep growing their wine’s knowledge and progress until becoming experts on the subject; This offer includes three or four of the best wines from renowned world producers, just for $250 a month. If you have been in this world for a while and want to keep advancing, then this is the right membership for you. For more information, click here.

Wine Tycoon Club: For high-level members and advanced wine connoisseurs, this is the most premium membership of the finding.wine wine club. Covers a selection of three or four VIP selections of first-class wines; for wealthy persons, with really exquisite and specific palates, this membership has a cost of $ 500. It’s recommended for anyone who wants the best of the best that our shop, finding.wine can offer.

Other features about the club

The finding.wine wine club is for people who do more than drink wine. It is literally for individuals that have a deep passion for wine, perfect to acquire any membership, depending on the type of consumer that you are, often with exceptional varieties potential, with samples of the best wines available around the world, great renown, fame and quality.

A wine club like the one in finding. wine; allows its clients access to a countless gamut of wines from different parts of the world to get the experience of tasting and knowing the wonderful experiences that enologists from foreign countries have to offer, from Europe to Australia, from South Africa to South America and all the best known countries and with a long history in the tradition of winemaking.

If you plan joining the finding.wine club, then you have to take this into account…

Label diversity

Through rigorous blind tastings, the club's experts select wines marketed monthly. In this way, members discover dozens of varieties and labels per year, so they are able to discover themselves and their tastes, with wines that they can find in the local and international market, and there is a high chance that members haven’t even tried the wines that they receive. Each selection offers a unique combination of styles, strains, origins and producers, which allow members to understand the characteristics of the different factors that affect the wine production, as well as the profile of each varietal.

Tastings and events

A nice add for those who love wine events and meetings, this club organizes from time to time reunions and events where the club members can go, interact each other, learn about wine, and most importantly, have fun while sharing with other people that love wines as much as we do! And who knows, sometimes there may be guests, such as important winemakers! Don’t forget to ask them about your favorite varietal!

Shipping all over the country

Members receive monthly selections of wines that are sent directly to the addresses they provided. Thanks to a complex distribution system, the club ensures the control and monitoring of each delivery.

Get a discount just for being a member!

Members will enjoy a 10% discount on wines for additional shipments requested by the club members.

Online store

Finding.wine has its online store where it is possible to access and check their wide variety of wines and gourmet items at special prices.

Material to learn

In your preferred online store, you may also access our blog; where you can find articles and new content every week

Finally, we want to invite you to join our finding.wine wine club, so you can enjoy and take advantage of all the benefits and special offers, knowledge and new experiences that will help you become a full wine expert!

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