What are the best wines to gift to wedding guests?

What are the best wines to gift to wedding guests?

If you are looking for an original detail to give to your guests on your wedding day, you will surely be looking for something that everyone likes and will also surprise them. Giving a bottle of wine to the guests means gifting an experience after the wedding that people can delight. Remembering the best and happy moments that were lived on that day. in remembering the best moments lived on your wedding day.

Choosing a bottle of wine to give at weddings as a wedding favor is an elegant, practical and exquisite idea. This way you won’t let your guests be indifferent, since everyone will take their favor happily to home and enjoy it when they want.

Traditional gifts vs modern gifts for your wedding guests

There is a tradition in weddings where those who get married, give details for all guests, commonly called as wedding favors, just for the simple fact of sharing such an important moment with the bride and groom. The gift does not have to be expensive, actually It can be done by ourselves, if that’s what we want.

Nowadays, it’s pretty common to give something more personal, for instance, in thematic weddings, a celebration that takes place on a beach, it would be a good idea give the guests a personalized can of preserves with a photo of the bride and groom.

There are also many handmade gifts with handwritten labels on soaps, candles, plants, among others. The range of possibilities at our disposition to surprise and impact our guests is enormous.

Times when guests were gifted with cigars, hand fans, figurines, photos, keepsake cards and other traditional gifts at our grandparents' wedding is now history. It must be said though, that the gifts for the guests at a wedding party; still remain as an invariable custom.

Now we can see more original and perhaps personal gifts for the guests at weddings; practical and unisex such as a bottle of wine, oil, a can of preserves, among other gifts.

We seek to differentiate ourselves more than before, each wedding or family event is important and unique, we seek to surprise, be different and thank the guests who accompany us in those important life changing moments. Living a special day such as our wedding is deeply related to the sensation that a bottle of wine gives us when we drink it.

Wine, through our senses and mind, generates a series of emotions within us. Wine has to tell stories and if it is accompanied by an emotion, those moments become even more special. A wedding brings al this together.

It is necessary to look for a reliable wine supplier that fully meets the expectations for buying the wines to give to the wedding guests; For this we recommend the amazing wine store, “finding.wine” in Miami, Florida. They offer a wide variety of different wines, with an unbeatable quality / price ratio.

If the organizers and the couple that is getting married want to leave the guests surprised and with the certainty that they won’t forget the celebration, they can choose to prepare the bottles with a personalized coating, which makes them more elegant and eye-catching, what is cooler than a bottle of wine as a wedding favor? Of course, ¡the same bottle but personalized in a fancy and pretty looking manner!

Down below this paragraph, you will find several bottles recommended by us. You can choose these bottles to give to guests in your wedding. Since those are really good bottles, you can be sure that they will love it. 

Recommended wines to give to wedding guests.

  • Grande Cassagne 2015: An excellent wine, which will measure up to satisfy the tastes of most people, it also comes in a bottle with a capacity of 750 ml; is a full-bodied wine that offers plenty of delicious black cherry and plum flavors. Notes of dark herbs, earth and leather can also be tasted giving rusticity to the mid-palate, making it an elegant wine at an impressively low price, making it an excellent and not so expensive choice to gift to wedding guests.
  • 2) Casa Lapostolle 2013; Cuvée Alexandre Chardonnay: it is elegance, balance, freshness. During the harvest, 75% of full bunches are pressed and 25% are subjected to a pre-fermentation maceration in the press. 45% is fermented in French oak barrels and the other 55% in stainless steel tanks. The result is a beautifully integrated wood, a balanced palate with an elegant structure that enhances the fruit and the natural freshness of the grapes; the 750 ml bottle of Cuvée Alexandre Chardonnay is another very good choice to take into account when choosing a wedding gift for wedding guests.
  • Zuccardi Family 2016 - Zuccardi Chardonnay: Directly from Argentina, this strain is characterized for having a rich aromatic profile, culminating with citrus notes such as lemon. Inside it has complex flavors of pear and orchard flowers that are followed by a light-bodied finish that reveals a pure expression. This Chardonnay is the perfect companion when it comes to combining your favorite recipes for a good pairing.

You can pair it in a meeting with a table of aged cheeses, it also goes well with a plate of fish and seafood with citrus fruits. For more elaborate dishes, you can combine it with salads. Due to all these characteristics, it is a highly recommended option as a gift for your guests and friends, this wine variant fulfills the task of thanking them for their presence at the wedding.

  • Fattoria Le Pupille 2017 - Poggio Argentato Bianco: It is a white wine from the Tuscany region in Italy; With the best bunches of traminer, sauvignon blanc, semillon and petit manseng from the 2016 vintage, it is a wine with a very high score among wine specialists. It is another option to take into account when giving gifts for your wedding guests.
  • 5) Raúl Pérez _ 2017 - Ultreia St-Jacques: It’s a red wine from Spain’s region. Ultreia Saint Jacques is a wine made with 100% Mencía from very old vineyards on clay-calcareous soils. Ultreia Saint Jacques is a fresh, elegant and a fruity wine. This wine is a tribute by Raúl Pérez to his roots, to his land. It is one of those recommended in this list, the price is a little higher than the other ones, but the quality and exquisiteness of this wine make worth the extra dollars.

This list presents many options available for you to buy in the best wine store in Miami, “finding.wine”, which also offers a very agile and practical service through its online store and delivery system.

So, if you want to surprise your family and friends at your wedding, give them bottles of wine like the ones previously mentioned, thus not only you’re going to have a special day, but also your will also remember that day as something memorable

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