What are the first steps to get into wines world?

What are the first steps to get into wines world?

Today you can start your journey through the fascinating world of wine! If you do not know how, don’t worry, after digesting the last letter of this article and following 4 simple steps, you will become, step by step, a true wine connoisseur. This is a subject that arouses the love and curiosity of many, but we believe that only the experts have the knowledge. Let's make this learning easy and fun!

Let's start with the basics, what is wine?

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. Emphasis on grapes, not apples, pears, or any other fruits. It’s very important to know this because on many occasions, business sell us appetizers labeled with the name of wine when clearly, they are not.

The cultivation of the vine, for the production of wine, is very common in countries such as France, Spain, Italy, the United States, Argentina, Chile, which are some of the main producers in the whole world of this kind of drink that makes our palates go crazy.

Depending on the type of grape, the land, the climate and the process which is used to create wine, those develop their characteristics, aromas, flavors, colors, density and all those details that we love.

Learn about wines in 4 easy steps

Step 1: change that juice for a glass of wine

Have you heard that a daily glass of red wine can be good for your health? Well, it’s true, but beyond that, we want you to experience a new sensation when it comes to eating, one that your palate will love and even better. One that both of you will want to repeat.

Perhaps in many countries which are not wine producers, they do not have the habit of enjoying a good meal accompanied by a good glass of wine. For those countries, it’s usual that they consume more juices, sodas or other types of drinks.

Wine knowledge is got by tasting, immersing ourselves in that world, experiencing their flavors and aromas, we invite you so that the next family lunch, dinner or meeting, you give wine an opportunity to be the party’s host, to conquer your palate and heart, and believe me that it won’t be that hard for convincing you and your family or friends.

Step 2: but… what will be my first choice?

Analyzing your tastes is very important to get in a road of good experiences. You must begin to educate your palate and for that it’s better to take short steps. You don't have to start with the most expensive wines, the best known or the most complex, you just have to start with the right ones… which is the right one? Here we will recommend some!

What is the best wine to introduce myself in wines?

The first wines must be decided based on the person’s taste and favorite flavors. Typically, a large percentage of people like a sweet taste, according to statistical studies found in several market research surveys. So, according to that, we should then start with these types of wines with sweeter flavors, such as reds.

4 Options to get started:

We recommend you to try them in this order, however, this is your adventure and your palate, so you are the one who decides which comes first. Additionally, here we tell you everything you need to know about them.

  1. Red Wine:

For learning about red wines, we recommend a Mexican wine of intense color, very dark and really dense to the eye, it is the Mariatinto Wine 2017. In its aromatic component has great power and is presented direct and linear at the beginning, as it is allowed to breathe it acquires complexity, denoting various aromatic groups from fruits such as notes of raspberry, cherry, plum and blackberry are perceived.

In the mouth it is intense and elegant, with ripe and soft tannins, fresh acidity and a well-integrated alcohol, which makes it warm. A wine with a great start, a wide intermediate and a long and pleasant finish.

To accompany meals, it is suggested with medium intensity foods with sauces or marinated with fine spices. The acidity will help if you decide to drink it with spiced food, and much better with more sophisticated dishes.

  1. White Wine:

White wines that are soft on the palate are perfect for you to order with your lunch; fish and white meat are perfect. If you are a lover of citrus flavors such as green apple, mango or lemon, this may be your choice.

A highly recommended one for this type of wine, without a doubt is the Weingut Moric 2017 Hidden Treasures; This true "hidden gem" comes from the hand of Austrian mastermind Roland Velich, who quietly partnered with a small Hungarian winery to create a mythical Furmint / Riesling blend.

  1. Rosé Wine:

It’s light and delicate in your mouth; it also captivates us with its aromas. An intermediate between white and red wine. It goes very well at youth parties, afternoons with friends. If you like red fruit flavors like raspberries and strawberries, you should try a rosé.

Let me tell you about a store where you can get all the brands and prices of this type of wine, likewise, they can send wines to any address you indicate, since it works as a physical and online store in the city of Miami. The shop that offers these excellent wines and services is called “finding.wine

  1. Sangria:

On the other hand, if you want a more fun and personalized option, a delicious sangria with your favorite chopped fruit will be the perfect choice. This drink that is composed of a mixture of wine, fruit juice, soft drinks among other varieties.

The drink is originally from Spain and Portugal, it has a long tradition in those countries, as well as in many other countries in America: such as Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and also in the United States, due to the influence of immigrants who have reached our country. You can take it as an aperitif at a meeting with friends or combine it with a delicious paella.

IMPORTANT: every time you taste a wine, read the label very well, save some important information somewhere (you could use a notebook) such as the strain, the origin and the year. This way you can identify the wines that best suit you and those that don't. Remember: the best wine is the one you like!

Step 3: put wine on your agenda

At this point, we should have already lost our fear for trying new wines, so now is the time to have a conversation and do fun activities that immerse us in this world even more.

Look in the cultural agenda of your city for places where wine tasting events are carried out, in many cases these types of meetings are held by recognized liquor stores. On the other hand, you can chat with experts or get more knowledge looking for books and blogs like this.

Finally, we invite you to organize a wine plan with your family or friends, change that usual drink for your new adventure companion. How about a picnic, a barbecue, a birthday or anniversary celebration? You just have to take the initiative, that way you not only get to know more about wines, but also you get your family and friends interested on them.

Step 4: hands to the glass!

Now that you are ready, go ahead! Let's toast and be captivated by the flavors and aromas of wine!

Finally, here is the website where you can find the best wines at very reasonable prices, with the advantage that you can buy comfortably from home: “finding.wine” wine shop; From there you will be able to start your wine apprenticeship to become, with hard work, a true wine specialist.

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