What is a wine club?

What is a wine club?

Wine is trending, and knowing about them provides the confidence to be up to the standards at any event, as well as opening up new perspectives of pleasure and leisure.

A wine club is a good meeting point for aficionados to deepen their knowledge of wine and enjoy its consumption. The best physical wine store that also provides online sales service to your doorstep; has an exclusive and attractive monthly subscription offer for all the passionate lovers of good wines, including tasters and collectors and its name is finding.wine.

Thousands of fans have found in the clubs the ideal formula to enter the culture of wine and make their purchases under the advice of specialists. Joining a wine club opens doors to true discoveries from a group of experts and at almost unbeatable prices.

On the other hand, acquiring wine through a club allows you to buy with guarantees, to be specific, a selection guarantee, since a team of winemakers travels thousands of kilometers and taste hundreds of wines until they come across the one (or ones) that happens to be selected; guaranteeing an adequate conservation of the wine in appropriate areas; and a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

Besides, membership in a club entails privileges, such as attending tasting courses and activities, buying exclusive wines and accessing extensive additional information that allows you to rate the chosen wine. Another advantage is, of course, the convenience of the home delivery service.

Regardless of its origin and operation, there are certain characteristics shared by all wine clubs:

  1. Customers are private consumers who buy their wines from a distance.
  1. There are consumers eager to learn. People like to know about the wines they’re drinking, how to differentiate them from each other, know how to combine them properly with food ... A wine club is the best way to learn everything about wine and make friends with the same hobby that you, wine. The products offered are accompanied by prior information that helps to educate the yourself and to place each wine in its context: the region, the winery, the grape varieties, the way it is made. As well, having the opportunity to taste with other wine lovers opens up a multitude of learning possibilities.
  2. Consumers enter the club in order to be able to buy under privileged conditions. The strategy is simple: the greater the number of partners, the greater the purchase made from a winery, and, therefore, the better the negotiated conditions.

From these common elements, some other particulars emerge: there are wine clubs that charge subscriptions with pack offers included, such as the Miami wine store finding.wine does and others that include them in the price, some encourage the formula to automatically receive a case of wine every month and others are based only on selling by orders. Be that as it may, being a member of a club only brings advantages for its members.

Advantages and benefits of being a member of a wine club

Among the advantages of belonging to a wine club are:

  1. Obtaining extensive specific information about the wines offered.
  2. Technical advice to be able to decide what wine to drink at any moment and what are good pairings for it.
  3. Exclusive offers and better prices than in the retail market.
  4. The guarantee from a prestigious brand that endorses the quality and value of the products offered.
  5. The Possibility of enjoying exclusive products, accessing limited edition wines or even buying a wine at a better price, before it even goes on the market. You can enjoy a wide range of educational and recreational activities that’ll bring you closer to the world of wine and gastronomy, such as tasting courses, dinners with winemakers, visits to wineries, discounted fair tickets; among other events that you can access.

Exclusive benefits

Permanent and exclusive discounts for members in the finding.wine store on wines, cavas and accessories.

Purchasing model advantages from a wine club membership

Being a member of an online wine club is available to anyone willing to enjoy good wine. In fact, this subscription purchase model has many advantages that you should consider:

  • Discover unique and rare wines. One of the most interesting reasons to subscribe to a wine club is the possibilities of acquiring, knowing and tasting wines that are difficult to access in stores. There are wineries with limited units, bottles that aren’t distributed in your area, or exclusive packs that are not sold except in this type of online stores.
  • Receive practical and educational information about the wine universe. Your subscription to the wine clubs not only includes a certain number of bottles per month, but they are always accompanied by brochures and useful information. It isn’t just about buying the best quality wine, but also about getting to know the oenological world more and better.
  • Show off a varied and unique collection in your home. The subscription purchase model of wine clubs offers you the possibility of having a truly exclusive winery at home. If you are used to host meetings at home, it is really likely that your guests will be very pleasantly surprised.
  • Exclusive discounts and benefits. Additionally to the advantages of having a great collection at home with good and exclusive wine, as well as quality information, members of finding.wine, online wine store have discounts on events, celebrations and wine tourism fairs.

Being part of the finding.wine store club; is belonging to a passionate community about wine. We don’t only bet on getting the best wines from the best wineries, but we also want that variety defines us. At the same time, we are looking for wineries that are distinguished by quality labels, and bottles that have received mentions or awards in different events and contests.

Every month we will deliver to your door a pack of wines chosen under strict quality standards, with the intent that you travel the geography through the different wines.  With them, you will receive information about their cultivation, their harvesting and the fermentation process. In short, everything that’s behind that delicious flavor you can taste in the comfort of your home.

And all this is available to you, without any commitment. You just have to access finding.wine wine club from here. Subscribe now and start enjoying the advantages of being part of a community of passionate about wine.

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