What is the best wine to accompany your meals?

What is the best wine to accompany your meals?

There are no doubts that one of the greatest pleasures in life is enjoying a good meal. Therefore, there are many details that we normally take into account when preparing or consuming a recipe that we really like. In addition to how to prepare the selected dishes, choosing which ones are going to be the appetizers s, the main meal and desserts, but a good wine is also essential for some people.

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For those who value a good wine, it’s likely that they have in mind more than one food dishes that are excellent for paring with a quality wine. Thus, there are some drinks that go well with everything, such as water, but others that require certain specific foods to make a wonderful pairing that can make a perfect combination for an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

There are many types of food and varieties of wine. Each one is suited to work with another one, it really depends on both of them, knowing how to combine them to achieve the best results on their pairing is a good recommendation for any wine lover.

In the field of alcoholic beverages, it must be taken into account that not all of them go well with all food dishes, since it’s considered that their flavor is better, but, in some cases the flavor is enhanced by some types of food. The best alcoholic beverage for doing this practice of pairing it is wine. 

If you are a wine lover you know that not all wines are the same and within the different general wine varieties, such as red wine or white wine, there are many other categories; such as classes, qualities, prices and origins that make all wines different and obviously, not all of them go well with different types of food.

For that reason, before buying the most expensive bottle you can find, perhaps you should know which is the best wine to accompany with each type of meal, whether you have guests at home and want to surprise them, or if you want to complement your meals in a way they acquire a unique and special flavor all the occasions that you want.

Find out which is the best wine to accompany your meals and recreate perfect dishes with this great-tasting drink, which can complement your meals in an ideal way.

Red wine

Red wine it’s one of the most popular wines in the world, with high-quality harvest on most of the globe. This wine has a very special flavor and doesn’t have to be kept fresh, so it will be ideal when consumed at room temperature.

Due to its strong and particular flavor it’s an idea complement for main dishes such as red meat. You have probably heard on several occasions that it is perfect to combine with a steak or an entrecote, since the combination between these two is excellent and will enhance the flavor of both ingredients in your taste buds, creating a top pairing in its class.

Within this category we will also include all those spoon dishes, such as cooked and stewed ones, especially if they contain meat or sausage, since their strong flavor will contrast perfectly with red wine, both being great tradition for many centuries in many countries of the world, they provide a unique kind of fusion that makes the dish and the wine melt deliciously in your mouth.

If you like brie cheese or those with a very strong flavor, you should also keep in mind that the best wines to eat with them are reds, since, again, the strength of both flavors combines perfectly, much better than with other types of drinks that would, perhaps, detract from the cheese flavor, because the drink would not be as strong or as good as with red wine.

The White wine

This wine is characterized by being “white”, yellowish or rather transparent, being a point drier than red and should always be consumed cold, since you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it in the same way as if it were at room temperature.

These wines aren’t as intense as the red ones on their flavor, so you should combine them with lighter meals, such as white fish, pasta or rice are cooked with shellfish or other any kind of fish, sauces with yogurt or dishes containing white meat.

White wines are ideal for soft cheeses such as Emmental, pasta or rice.

The combination of white wine with this type of food, even with full salads, its be ideal for any occasion, in addition to making the dish flavors h not too strong compared to the wine, at its right point, they create a delicious flavor that will bring perfection to your palate.

Order in which the wines are taken according to types of food to accompany

If we plan to serve several types of wine at a meal, we should always go from the mildest to the strongest. meaning you have to start with those with less body.

The recommended order is:

  1. Fine wines, dry white wines and chamomiles.
  2. Rosé, cavas and sparkling wines.
  3. Young red wines.
  4. Aging wines.
  5. Reserve wines.
  6. High reserve wines.

Likewise, although new trends are making their way every day, there are some basic rules. If you follow them, you surely won’t fail.

When you are going to serve only one wine at a meal, you must select the one that goes well with the main dish, a lot better if it’s a simple wine, as in body and as in alcoholic strength.

Light wines should be drunk before full-bodied wines, and fresh wines before those that are consumed at room temperature.

To round off a meal, three wines are enough: one white or rosé for appetizers and fish, and two red wines for main meals.

The dry wine must be drunk at the beginning of the meal, while sweet ones are better at the end.

An important aspect is also the cleanliness of the glass. Detergents often leave traces or odors that can end up spoiling a wine. For this reason, it is advisable to rinse the glass very well with water and dry it with a napkin that doesn’t’ leave fibers, very clean and not perfumed.

There are many wines to choose from when purchase time comes over. Many of them are combinable with the dishes described above, so don’t hesitate to discover which are the most appropriate to complement them, in addition to finding out the different types of white and red wines that are available at the market and most importantly, learn which are your preferred ones, as well as its pairing possibilities.

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