What’s a wine club?

What’s a wine club?

A wine club is a special place where wine lovers can deepen their knowledge about wines and appreciate the wonders of this alcoholic beverage consumption. It can be the best way to get started and learn about wines, guided by a wine connoisseur.

Being part of a wine club offers many perks and special benefits in everything revolving around wine. From special lines, brands, and labels to activities such as guided tastings, meetings, and winery tours.

Are you a wine culture lover? Do you want to have access to information about vintages or varietals and keep up to date on the latest news in the industry? The best way to do it is to join the exclusive finding.wine wine club.

How does a wine club work? 

Normally there is an organizer who directs the line and steps to follow, they’re responsible for generating content and communicating with members about all the activities to be carried out.

Wine tasting events are led by specialists who’ll make sure to keep everything in order for the attendants as well as offer an enriching experience. Some clubs also send their members a monthly selection of wines, each selection offers a unique combination of styles, strains, origins, and producers that allow understanding of the characteristics of the wine.

Wines and comprehensive knowledge for wine lovers

Considering wine as the main attraction, wine clubs can take different approaches: from those formal and classic ones where, for a monthly membership fee, the club offers its members a careful selection of labels, which can be from different wineries and international regions.

To others where meeting people with similar tastes, cultivating friendships, and enriching ourselves with other people's visions is a good excuse for drinking wines and even visiting restaurants or wineries and, in the best of cases, making others taste our favorite labels.

Thus, we find groups, which we could call in the broad sense of the word clubs, which have a role that, in addition to the commercial aspect, seek to be inclusive and attract their customers, whether they know about wines or not, but with something in common such as good discounts, events and even bottles as prizes for the occasional contest.

Finding.wine's Wine Club Model

Such is the case of finding.wine's wine club, which offers several options based on what each client or future member may need, with all the most important benefits for a wine club nowadays.

Finding.wine's Wine Club, offers 3 membership options, every one of them with excellent and similar advantages, just with some differences related to the knowledge of its members and how much prestige they want to pay. Let’s break down these 3 plans, and pick what suits you best!


Future Connoisseurs:

With 25% off this membership, you can start learning about wines just now for only $75 a month. It includes between 3 or 4 bottles of wines, carefully chosen just to delight your probably inexperienced palate.

The value you’ll approximately be getting with each monthly shipment is about $130; don’t you think it is worth giving a try for only 75 bucks? Who knows, you might find your new passion and meet amazing people.

Oenophile Wine Club

25% off calls you to not miss this opportunity. For $200 you’ll be joining this mid-tier membership for our special wine club. If you’re a member of the Oenophile wine club, you will receive high-quality wines that will satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Tycoon Wine Club

This tier is the highest-ranking club membership, only for the most demanding palates, 25% off applied for this tier, which means that for only $400 you’ll be joining the most prestigious part of the club.

We, at finding.wine do everything to keep you happy with unique, rare, and high-quality selections. What are you waiting for? If you want to be the envy of your wine lover friends, you definitely should consider joining the Tycoon Wine Club.

For more information about our wine club and the perks of each tier, we suggest you visit finding.wine. Go ahead and involve yourself even deeper in this wonderful world!

Do I need to be an expert wine taster to get the most out of this club membership?

As with everything related to wine, there are many prejudices, and more than once anyone has wondered if they can really be part of a tasting, a wine even and why not, even a wine club. The answer is clear... you don't need to be an expert.

Precisely one of the objectives of our wine club is just the opposite of being an expert. Users who join Finding.Wine's Wine Club can be experts and connoisseurs but by no means you have to be an expert!

We guarantee the delivery of high-quality products without going through the stress of choosing a good wine and with the convenience of receiving the wine wherever you are.

Advantages of being a member of the finding.wine wine club

In our daily lives we are exposed to stressful situations: work, traffic, lack of time; in short, there are few moments that we can dedicate to ourselves... so, finding a space where you can relax, meet new people, and at the same time learn about wine culture is an excellent option to pamper yourself.

This is a valid reason to get an escape from the responsibilities and routine chores on a daily basis. Here are some of the benefits that wine club members can enjoy in general.

Monthly shipment of bottles

Our club offers subscriptions through which members receive different bottles so that they can taste them with their family and friends. Being in permanent contact with wineries and producers gives us direct access to new releases and special editions.

When we get them, we share them with our beloved members so that they can keep abreast of news and trends within the wine industry.

Technical advice from our wine specialists

When it comes to organizing an anniversary or a special dinner, the specialists from our wine club will gladly help you and give you advice on the best options for any kind of event.

Since, despite being a wine lover, when planning a party or a meeting in which you want to surprise your guests, it is always better to leave the choices in the hands of true experts in the field.


Make new friends and open your mind!


This is perhaps the main advantage when you become part of a wine club like finding.wine. In various events and meetings that are usually scheduled, you will meet different people who have in common the taste and love for wines.

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