Wine cellar at home, a space to share and enjoy

Wine cellar at home, a space to share and enjoy

A good wine lover is an explorer of flavors and sensations; a taster of sublime moments by excellence such as, for instance, that magical moment that is born when we open our favorite bottle of wine; for us, that moment belongs to the Croix Estate Chardonnay Narrow Gauge Russian River Valley 2018.

To enjoy this mystical and exquisite pleasure with all its magic, we will begin by getting to know the origin and characteristics necessary to prepare a good wine cellar at home and thus be prepared for any occasion with the ideal wine.

Without a doubt, a wine cellar is a perfect space to let yourself be enveloped by the senses and good taste; Welcome!

Using a room at home and converting it in a wine cellar requires planning, advice, taste preferences, and other things; but without a doubt, the success of building a wine cellar at home brings us opportunities to try new flavors and grow up or collection, as this will be the point where we can evolve, collect wines and thus enjoy that little space with its best company, of course, wines.

Brief history of wine cellars and their evolution

It was almost until the beginning of the Middle Age that cellars began to show a degree of advancement. This evolution takes place with the purpose of looking for special spaces and controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and lighting, which would make the stored wines preserve and even improve their flavor and aroma.

After these advances and from the 19th century, private cellars spread throughout all Europe as a practice of "good taste" among aristocrats and bourgeoisie, becoming what we know today as: underground cellars for wine.

This practice is an ancient heritage that has survived to this day and its evolution has allowed us to enjoy the pleasure of a good wine with all the magic behind its ritual. Today, wine cellars function as the ideal storage spaces for wine; as they preserve the temperature, humidity and have controlled air conditions. In other words, they are rooms specifically designed for the storage of wine, its display and tasting.

Types of wine cellars

When we talk about wine cellars, we start from the premise that there are two types; active (artificial) or passive (natural).

Active ones are highly isolated and require good planning for their construction. These should be made up of refrigeration systems that maintain the desired temperature and humidity, as well as good air conditioning and specialized storage methods.

On the other hand, passive cellars are those that can be found naturally in cool and humid conditions, they may have small seasonal areas and variations in daytime temperature. These types of wine cellars aren’t very predictable and can be difficult to control, however, with good monitoring they serve their purpose very well.

Selection of recommended wines for your own wine cellar

A wine collection is something really personal, some experts say that a person’s personality could be guessed just knowing what kind of wines do they drink and what are their favorites.

Of course, for reaching that point, there are a lot of suggestions and methods that will help us to identify what wines we don’t like and the ones that we cannot miss and could lead us on the way to discover that unique sensation when you taste a specific bottle of wine, just like someone discovering a treasure

Let's discover some, then!

• Dassai 23 1.8l.

Want to level up your expertise in tasteful and elegant alcoholic beverages? Do you have a meeting and you don't know how to surprise everyone? Do you have a party and this is your opportunity to stand out above all the guests? Or perhaps do you need to conquer someone tonight and you don't know how?

Well, take an exotic drink from Japan. With the Dassai 23 1.8l you will achieve the recognition and respect you deserve. You don’t know where you can buy such exotic drink? Then you’re lucky, because the amazing “” wine store will help you discover the best Japanese sake of this 2020: Dassai 23 1.8l rice wine, from the famous producer Asahi Shuzo.

• Pingus 2001.

The Pingus 2001 wine it’s a red wine from Spain, from the Ribera del Duero region. The most expensive wine in Spain.

It is made in the Ribera del Duero by the Danish Peter Sisseck, by the alias "Pingus", who went to Castilian lands to direct the oenology of the “Hacienda Monasterio” wineries and who soon realized the possibilities of the “Tinta del País” grape to make a red of great power and character.

The market has done its job, placing the Pingus where it is today. It is consumed at room temperature and perfectly accompanies Castilian roasts such as suckling lamb, suckling pig or grilled red meat.

The 2001 Pingus combines power with elegance and a notable mineral character, a great wine that must be drunk after a few years of maturation for a top-notch drinking experience.

• Chacra Chardonnay 2019.

The Chacra Chardonnay 2019; It’s a white wine produced in the Argentinian Patagonia; It is made in collaboration with Jean-Marc Roulot (a well-known winegrower, who produces the best white wines in Burgundy), it is produced from 40-year-old vines on mineral soils with alluvial stones covered with limestone.

The wine is intense and energetic, with a high and lively tone, round and austere, refined and mineral. It produces a dry sensation in the mouth. It’s ideal for those special occasions where you need to share exquisitely and elegantly with your family and friends.

• Terre nere etna bianco 2019.

Tenuta Delle Terre Nere has created this Terre Nere Etna Bianco 2019, a white wine from Etna in Italy, directly from the Sicily region, with the best 2019 grecanico dorato, catarratto and carricante grapes with 13% alcohol.

With a beautiful straw yellow color and golden reflections. As for the aroma, it presents a delicate and complex bouquet, where mineral and hazelnut notes are found, as well as hints of orange blossom.

It’s classified as a fresh, salty, clean and harmonious wine. Delights the palate with its complexity and a pleasant finish.

Final recommendations

We have recommended a selection of great elegance and quality, which would be very good for starting your own collection of the best wines to place at your wine cellar at home, you already have all the tips and recommendations to start this hobby and be successful at it. We wish you good luck and happy wine drinking!

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