Wine Tastings and Events in Miami, FL

Wine Tastings and Events in Miami, FL

Glass of Red Wine For Tasting Wine Lovers’ Events in North Miami and Aventura, FL

Are you a permanent resident of Miami, Florida or one of the 17 million visitors and tourists? Either way, prepare your glasses. Adding wine tastings as a part of your "Things to Do in Miami" list will make the trip more fun and bubbly. 

Miami is well known for its diverse activities. Naturally, wine tasting events in Florida fit neatly into the general scope of interesting and fun things to do. For connoisseurs, it is a chance to enjoy the sun, surf and some of the best-tasting vintages that go with the beach.

Wine events pair the finest Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc with tropical ocean breezes, a huge canopy of sunshine, live music, and energetic dancing. In Aventura, you can enjoy a glass of the best champagne while admiring the architecture. Miami Beach wine bars always prepare to present frosty glasses of bubbly or Sauvignon Blanc to gentrified South Florida oenophiles and novices.

If you are new to wine varieties, you are sure to get a surprising education when you add happy hours or a wine festival to your plans. Our shop in Aventura can give you a vast array of red, white, and even champagne. Your wine tour can become as exciting as any theme park. 

"It's So Miami" Not Just the New City Slogan

City officials decided it was time for change to the slogan for their home. They chose the appropriate "It's So Miami" after much deliberation. Wine events and festivals truly belong to this widespread city. The four major festivals held annually in this tropical paradise include the following:

  • The Miami Gardens Food and Wine Festival
  • The Coconut Grove Food and Wine Festival
  • WAVE Wine and Beer Tasting Festival
  • The 10th Annual Miami Food, Wine & Spirits Festival

These are just a few of the wine-related festivals that enhance any vacationers’ or tourists’ itinerary. Few visitors to these festivals leave without at least one bottle to add to their collection, as a gift or to celebrate a special occasion.

Wine tasting events are a great way to connect with other sommeliers, stewards, and lovers from near and far. The connoisseurs that sip together stay together. With such a large number of wine events, Miami can add "Wine Country" to its promotions. 

Many local restaurants develop the allure of the city’s tropical and fusion cuisines. Each bottle goes perfectly with appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Sample their wine pairings, and nod with approval. 

At, take tasting events to a higher level. Our customers can savor exceptional selections with high-end service and globally-renowned vineyards.

Wine Lovers and Miami Wines

Wine lovers with a finely tuned education prefer an opportunity for a tasting experiment at the city’s inner circle with their peers.

One other reputable wine event also bears consideration. The "Sweet Sips" event will educate and entertain about delicious bottles. You can sample a variety of dessert wines, and pair them with meals accordingly. This year it was held on the evening of June 14, 2019. 

Some of the best international winemakers attended and presented their wines: Benjamin Romeo from Bodegas Contador, Oliver Krug from Krug Champaign, Alberto Moro from Bodegas Emilio Moro, Jorge Coderch from Caballo Loco Winery, and Sebastian Zucardi from Familia Zucardi Winery. We were proud fo offer their bottles as part to our wine catalog. 

Join Our Wine Club for Entry into the World of Oenophilia

Get your ticket to the monthly events and tastings at Members have the pleasure of enjoying free access to select events. Surprise friends with wine tastings at an event in your own home. 

To join the club and enjoy all of its benefits, visit our website today. Learn which wines are today's most upscale and favored by connoisseurs everywhere. And prepare to drink, with joy.

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