Wines for the after Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Wines for the after Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Who said that one cannot still celebrate after the year ends? We are already in the final stretch of the Christmas festivities. Either we are young or old, we get nervous and we are excited waiting for that magical moment of discovering and opening gifts in which we all become children again.

Normally, after the year ends, people tend to end wasted and that shouldn’t surprise us, I mean. After filling our bellies with amazing food and torturing our kidneys with lot of booze, our bodies and minds barely have reasons to do anything at all, at least it feels like that the first days of the year.

However, even after the year ends, there is people who cannot be quiet and is already thinking of making a celebration with friends or family, maybe because they feel like it or perhaps it could be a kind of ritual that many people do after the year ended, in order to bring luck and joy!

Spanish Speaking countries have a custom known as “Epiphany, the Feast of the Three Kings” where, 12 days after Christmas (January the 6th) they celebrate that the Biblical Magic visit Jesus. Hispanics have slowly brought this custom to many states of the U.S. specially here on Miami.

Of course, this usually is the perfect opportunity for people who didn’t get enough party in December. It’s the time to eat and drink even more! And of course, a good bottle of wine cannot be missed on these dates.

It is never too late to keep celebrating!

Yes, we know the first week of the year may feel a bit off, I think we can all agree on that. However, there’s people who just weren’t satisfied with the celebrations they did. So they can organize small reunions or party even with friends they didn’t get the chance to see during celebrations.

What is even a reunion without booze? Yes, it may be boring. Besides, reunions like these are perfect times to boast in front of your friends about your knowledge on wines, on a good and educative way of course!

You could introduce them to this marvelous and complex world, where we always learn something new, and what’s most important, we teach our palate on how to taste wine properly, being able to perceive notes and complex sensations or flavors. Who knows, maybe one of your closest friends could be your next wine partner.

The best wines for Christmas “after party”

We know that in little reunions with friends or co-workers, snacks are common. But what if you can accompany these snacks with some sparkling Brut? Or maybe a Sweet wine for desserts? If that’s the case, keep in mind wines made with Muscatel grapes or the traditional sweet wines of the Pedro Ximénez de Jerez and Montilla-Moriles are good choices.

If you are from Portuguese Bolo Rei, nothing like a fortified Tawny or Colheita wine from Port, or with a sweet wine from Madeira. If you celebrate in the French style, with a Galette des Rois, let the champagne rest and give a chance to the Crémants of Alsace, Burgundy or Limoux who are able to stand up to the most famous bubbles of France.

Italy is a country who has contributed a lot to the wine’s world. It offers different options like Moscato d’Asti, short French sparkling wines or Prosecco, the latter preferably in the Brut or semi-sweet style, are ideal to accompany any kind of snack for these days. But if you want to be a little bolder, you could even try other varietals and define the notes of each one of them. 

Tokaji, the wine of Kings

If you are interested in enjoying a wine and feeling like a King, then you should check out such as Tokaji, you will be interested to know why it is called like that; It was described in that way "wine of the king and the king of wines" by the monarch Louis XIV of France.

Its origin comes from the mountainous region that occupies the northeast part of Hungary, in the geographic center of this region. The main grape variety used in Tokaj is Furmint, a late-maturing, austere variety, not complex at all, but quite prone to being affected by the beneficial botrytis.

Being a sweet but not cloying wine, it is perfect for any kind of sweet desserts that you might plan to eat. Its floral aromas, of fruit of the bone and syrup plus its sweet touch, but which in turn does not tire, invites everyone to have said this “wine of kings” and actually feel like one.

The result is an elegant sweet wine, but with an unusual balance between sweetness and acidity that gives it a pleasant freshness. It is a sweetness that does not exhausts the palate. The aromatic range is also very complex and extensive, sweet, citrus, floral, etc. are some of the groups that make up the extensive aromatic palette of Tokaj.

Final summary

You know, wines have many properties for the body and also provide us with large doses of well-being. Make sure to order a wine like the Tokaj or any wine you like! At the end of the day, it’s your taste what really matters, just remember that for special occasions, with options like the ones we recommended today, you cannot go wrong! And don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice from any of our experts at A wine tasting to learn the most diverse aromas and flavors, taking advantage of these few days off to try even more wines and show your palate that you love it!

Either you’re doing a post-Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration, keep in mind to drink carefully, wine shouldn’t be drunk until you pass out, the magic is within the tasting, the sensations, the flavors and aromas you can perceive.

And in case you forgot you Christmas gift, make sure to let us know. We’d be happy to help you!

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