Subscribe and win a bottle of champagne KRUG GRANDE CUVEE 168th Edition

Subscribe and win a bottle of champagne KRUG GRANDE CUVEE 168th Edition

The KRUG GRANDE CUVEE 168th Edition is the heart of the Krug winery's identity. It is the result of a meticulous blend of 50 to 60 wines from the 3 emblematic Champagne strains (Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Negro).

At; We began this month of April 2021 with new and quite interesting promotions, at the outset we offer a special contest in which the prize will be a bottle of this exquisite and outstanding champagne, where all people interested in good wines can participate, as well as for those who are already wine lovers. A bottle of this KRUG GRANDE CUVEE 168th Edition champagne will be a highly desired award for anyone. Cataloged as one of the most representative and outstanding bottle of the famous Krug winery in France. To be participating for this wonderful champagne, you just have to subscribe to the newsletter. That’s it! Really simple, isn’t it? The time in which the contest will be open will be throughout the entire month of April of this 2021.

We encourage you to register for the contest and be the happy winner of this exceptional bottle of champagne. Down below you got the link where you can participate, it is just one click away! All the staff wish you all good luck. Make sure to make a good toast if you win. Cheers! Register in the contest by clicking here


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