Buying wines for Thanksgiving

Buying wines for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This American tradition aims to give thanks together with our loved ones, usually accompanied by a banquet full of food. Traditionally it is said that the best wines for Thanksgiving are those made with Pinot Noir grapes and Chardonnay.

It is certainly the most predictable special dinner in the universe. So if we accept the fact that the menu is fixed to respect traditions, then we can put a different twist on it when it comes to selecting and purchasing the wines for this important dinner.

This is mainly because the dinner usually contains baked turkey and for this meal you usually need a wine that does not have a lot of body, however it must have a lot of fruit. If you want to choose a good Pinot Noir, then do not hesitate to order it at this link and choose any of your taste, our offers in “” wine store are pretty solid.

As we have said, other kind of wine that usually goes quite well when pairing with Turkey is a Chardonnay, in this case it will depend a lot on the garnish that the turkey has, since in that case we should opt for a young Chardonnay, one with lees or one with wood, depending on the structure that the garnish has. There you have some options of chardonnays that you can pair with turkey.

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How can we innovate every year so that the event does not become boring?

Every year we should try new combinations, new pairings and even offer different types of wines during the traditional dinner. To liven up a dinner with family and friends, there is nothing better than letting wine take the reins of conversation. Thus we can avoid those typical uncomfortable questions and comments about our love life or economic situation. So why not let the wines take over and wait for their calming effect to take place?

 Traditional dishes for Thanksgiving

Throughout the years, the menu has standardized, so today’s thanksgiving meals are commonly made up of many flavors, textures, spices, foods and contours, when combined, they form unique delicacies. It gets better when you decide to pair some appropriate wines with these culinary delights, expanding the range of textures, flavors and of course, sensations as well.

You can usually find at Thanksgiving dinners the following dishes                                                                           

  • Turkey: white meat low in fat
  • Stuffing: Filled with "greasy" bread, delicious and with a certain sweetness.
  • Puree: Whether potato or sweet potato, it tends to be sweet and creamy.
  • Cranberry: Pasta or cranberry sauce, very sweet and aromatic.
  • Pumpkin pie: a sweet and very creamy dessert.

The menu is full of sweet and salty flavors, with creamy and greasy sensations. Despite this rich blend of flavor and color, each ingredient tends to be low-bodied or relatively light. This is the direction of wines that we should look for, so that the pairings are as balanced as possible and make our meals exquisite combinations.

Time to select which wines to buy for thanksgiving.

Before the thanksgiving event is celebrated, we must select the types of grapes and wines that combine well with the typical menus of this day, and thus, you can adapt these recommendations to your budget.  Regarding the wine selection, you should give priority to lightest wines, however, don’t mind picking up one strong wine in order to have options available for all tastes.



It is a rosé wine made with the Zinfandel Grape. White Zinfandel, is a light and quite sweet wine, ideal to accompany white meats such as turkey, and sweet ingredients such as blueberries and turkey stuffing. This wine tends to be very versatile for pairing and adapts to flavored menus like the ones you commonly find in thanksgiving.



As we mentioned in our first post about Pinot Noir / Beaujolais, these two are two of the best to choose for the Thanksgiving dinner. But the reason they adapt so well to this menu is because they are low-bodied, acidic, fresh and low-tannic wines, ideal for a menu full of flavors. Pinot Noir and Beaujolais are wines with a low body and high acidity which reduce the fat of the turkey and the stuffing. But they are capable of accompanying the sweetness of sauces and other ingredients.

Pairing the desserts closes the celebration with a cherry on top for the Thanksgiving meal

Now let's talk about desserts, the favorite part of lunch or dinner. Many eat dessert with the leftover wine from dinner. But the desserts pair with certain wines, which make a dinner to be finished in the best possible way.

Sauternes: It is a style of dessert wine made in France, in the Bordeaux region. It is a very strange style since they leave the grape longer than it should on the "vine", so it over mature. In turn, due to the climatic conditions of the region, a beneficial fungus is made on the grape skin.

This mixture of conditions causes the skin to break, the grape dehydrates and concentrates its sugars. When making the wine, a little liquid is obtained, very, very, very sweet.


Final thoughts

It’s understandable that not everyone has the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving, but we suggest that you save these wine recommendations for the dinner on December 24, or lunch on December 25. And if you don't want to wait so long, we suggest you buy one of these wines for the weekend and accompany it with a low-fat meat such as chicken breast or pork loin.

With these recommendations you can enter the heat of the traditional Christmas of the year 2020. From the “” wine store; We invite you to visit us either physically at our headquarters in Aventura or in the online store, where you will get incredible prices, a large quantity of variety and deals on wines, for all tastes and pockets, either you’re looking for wines for the thanksgiving dinner or for the entire Christmas season and the end of the year 2020, is definitely your best option.

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